How powerful is video in social media marketing?

I did a summary of the major social video platforms and compared them.

Which one do you think is the best platform for video advertising? Love to hear your thoughts and experiences in using these platforms.

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Instead of linking to your blog, why not make a summary of the article for us and then give us the option of heading to your blog to check it out. Since you clearly joined simply for the backlink, this would be considered rude. If you want the authority of the link, that is what I would suggest.

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Feel free to do as wortime said. Sharing useful info is always welcome, but in a different way. You can write short summary (unique text, no copy paste) and add link to your blog post as a source at the end.

What you did now is pure spam.

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I was trying to be nice for a change. lol

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will do. Thanks for the input!