How setup 1 proxy 4G rotate for 4 pinterest accounts?

Hi all,
I’m new user and it’s hard to find any guide of the mass planer. I setup 4 pinterest accounts same 1 proxy 4G. I tried to setup one active account at one time.
Right now I only use the repin feature, so I set up the first account’s repin feature to work from 12am to 2am, the second account to work from 2am to 4am… When I look at the dashboard screen, I see that the first account is still working the sync page feature at the same time as the second account’s repin time.
I tried to setup time of the feature sync but unluckily …
I hope to find help or any suggestions.

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I found where to setup the sync feature . I disabled auto sync.

Hello, your question is hard to understand. Here are some of my general responses

When exactly mass planner will repin or pin is not strictly depending on when you set it to work, there is a queue system. By having different campaigns not happening at the same time, you basically help to plan the queue so the bot does not crash each other.

If after 24 hours, your repin/pin happens more than 70% then it is a success. Because if you have the bot do many things sometimes crash will still happen, so it is never 100%.

At least that is my experience.

And if after 24 hours your repin/pin does not work, or work less than 50%, then you should write to support with print screens to check what is wrong about your setups.