How to be trusted by IG's algorithm

Hey, guys!

Coming up with my first guide. Trying to bring as much value as possible to the community :slight_smile:

Instagram’s algorithm = A double-edged sword. It controls everything, your visibility, your engagement, your growth… So I decided to share this list of behaviors you should avoid:

  • Spamming your followers in DM.
  • Using engagement groups.
  • Posting without a specific goal.
  • Neglecting the quality of shared content.
  • Buying followers, likes views.
  • Lacking of consistency in your publications.
  • Violating Instagram’s rules.
  • Using the same hashtags.
  • Using follow/unfollow to grow.

Respect the rules, and you’ll win!

And now, tell me a little bit, what strategy do you implement to get the algorithm on your side?


How many DMs per day do you usually send to your followers? I heard IG is more strict when it comes to sending DM to non followers than followers.

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You should never send DMs to non-followers.

My advice: You should interact with your followers in the comment section rather than in DMs.

Why is it better?

  1. Because you don’t spam your followers, they’re asking information.
  2. The answer you give in the comment section is a valuable information you can share with the part of your audience that doesn’t want to comment.
  3. It strengthens social proof
  4. It increases engagement rate.

However, you can still send your followers a custom message. In fact, you can send between 50 - 100 custom DMs per day.

Do you currently have troubles sending DM?

I see you are new, it’s good that you want and try to contribute. But before labelling something a method you should consider actually providing a step by step approach or an actual method of how to do something specifically.

Saying the circle is round and the square has 4 edges is not a method nor is it a guide.

Whilst this info is a good starting point for a complete beginner - this is something most people involved in IG already know :slight_smile:

Again not a bad place to start, but if you plan to contribute, try to implement experiments, case studies and actual stuff you’ve done providing the proof of results or experience achieving a goal or two.


That is how you get your account past the 4 digit mark. Only because a lot of people follow/unfollow wrong does not automatically mean it is a bad choice to do.

Regarding algorithm, there is not much there except this little blog post from the dev team:


Hi! Why should avoid F/U? As I know many accounts growing with this method


Mat, Thanks for your contribution. However, you’re preaching to the choir, the things you mentioned are topics most people in this forum already knows. Try to conduct your own experiments and share the results. I am gaining 100’s of followers a day with F/U, Mass DMS, engaging with followers, M/S, and other methods. Also, the IG algorithm is not a secret, it’s a program designed to detect anomalies going against IG rules/trends among other factors. If done correctly, one can grow accounts using a mix of strategies. My account content immediately hits the explore besides using all the methods I mentioned. I hope to continue to hear more information from you. I am always willing to learn from others.


Thanks – @BruceSilduk @HenryCooper @alexx @Crazyjarvee – for your feedback. I totally agree with you, these tips fall under the basics of Instagram growth.

We have disagreements regarding F/UF. Now I know you’re on top of it. Good.

I do have valuable content to share: growth strategies, case studies and insights about IG’s algorithm.

Therefore, I’ll be answering other members’ threads until I figure out a way to openly share with you some insights about Instagram’s API, automation services methods, and the growth results.

I have one question left. Today, which outsourcing method brought you the most results?

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None of those items you claim will get IG’s trust is NOT valid I’m sorry to say. You can do all and be shit list of insta. What matters the most is account creation and content posting. Those two are the biggest ones.


Can you explain please what do you mean by account creation?


I was going to ask.
Also what do you mean by account posting?

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Those are great things to avoid for a mother account. Which is why the mother/slave method was basically invented. You can grow and avoid those issues.

But f/uf is a must for newer accounts. No one trusts someone with zero followers. Not even m/s would work as well.


Account birth say by a bot on a data center proxy flagged by insta versus an account created by a phone with a valid sim card and other accounts that are on insta app that does normal stuff is night and day in trust. Understand now?


Don’t worry, Instagram doesn’t care about SIM cards.
But I agree with you, it’s obvious that it’s important to create your Instagram account directly on the application. I’ll add it to my list :slight_smile:

Instagram don’t care? You got a lot to learn about insta


I guess I know things you don’t. Instagram is able to see if you are connected via wifi or not but does not collect anything related to your sim card.

lol, I was trying to be nice since you’re new and don’t want to alienate you considering this is a good community to be a part of and its nice to see it grow.

But mate, don’t make a fool of yourself by arguing about stuff when you’re clearly out of your depth here. Not only IG can and do track your sim card & network provider details, they in fact, even track the cell-tower data your device is nearest to. Which has been one of the major reasons why mobile account creation suffered as it did last year considering this one specific thing you could not change no matter how good you are at spoofing info.

This may change as the privacy laws get stricter, especially with new iPhone policy but for now it’s ridiculous what data they keep to ‘prevent spam and hacking attempts to maintain the integrity of their platform’.


Question is : do you know things you don’t ?


By testing, your answers you will find.

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Does buying fake likes really cause harm?
A question if done properly maybe, not?
Each to their own experience.
So far for me, it has helped my pages grow quicker. : )

i can also confirm this… if you want to do fake engagements, i think its better if you control those accounts your self… profile those accounts as best as possible to deliver the likes, saves, comments… and it would do better than buying from those cheap panels

my take on to be trusted by IG is as simple as increase your engagement score and don’t repost content (IG really hates this and starts banning accounts that does so)