How to bring more/additional value to a client?

Hello guys! I’m starting manual growth with few clients of mine and I’m wondering what I could offer to them more besides manual follow/unfollow?

I mean, first I want to make sure that I bring the best quality followers, right? So I need to play with the targeting. Would like to ask you what is your best strategy in finding best targetings for clients?

Secodly, If my follow/unfollow works with good targeting, what could be done more? In the past , back in automation times ,i did a mistake. I was getting 79$ clients and didnt care much about them, didnt do any good research, just targeting by keywods, so i lost like 90% of new clients after the first month.

Now i want to provide them really way better service. What could do to make a client satisfied 100% so not only he stays with me after the first month but also brings me refferals. Thanks!

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What you like of your own service if you are your own client?

I like most that i care about my clients and i speak with them often. So im showing them that i really put an effort…

But you know, putting an effor is not enough in my opinion, i should provide them real value, so support is not the most important part and ofc not enough for a good service.

In the end its about bigger real grow that just posting and waiting. And for Business costumer its all about money. If you dont help them to sell more the dont need you. Or time saving, if your customer knows how many time your work takes the are calculating the time that you bring in your service. Depents on the customer how big it is and what the need. But in the end its all time about money and income.

Lets say you offer manual f/uf for $99 for example.
You need to kill it the first month, Second month id offer content creation and posting (Alot would buy this the first month)
Third month offer extra growth via shoutouts, megas etc…
Fourth month find someone who can offer extra services make sure they are 100 and then up sell those too, FB Ads, etc…
You can also upsell account analysis, dead followers removal (you can repackage it as engagement % booster), consultation calls. The sky is the limit really.
Hope this was helpful!


I can help you with the latest growth strategies, If you can help me with the method of getting clients.
Ping me !!

The most important thing is to keep your word. If your service offers 1k followers per month. Make sure you deliver those 1k followers no excuses. Once you’re able to do that successfully then we can start discussing how you can scale from there.

Adding content creation in the 2/3 month could also bring more value to the client too.

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SEO too! It’s super easy!!

Maybe you should offer him Instagram Story Ads to be created by you and also the graphics for it. You can use as a tool which works wonders. It’s easy to learn and use.

Also, I would deep further and provide him with Influencer Marketing. That means that you search for relevant influencers in their niche, contact them for promoting prices and report it to your client. [Don’t forget to add your margin on top of it :wink: ;)].

Furthermore, do not forget about Influencer research tools like hypeauditor.

Cheers mate!

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