How to build a Pinterest account with 10k pins

Hi guys,

I’m planning to build a Pinterest account with 5k~10k pins. Actually, not one account, I need 50~200 such size accounts. (It’s ok to buy aged account, but I have to upload given posts of mine.)

Now the challenge is how to build such kind of accounts while keeping them safe. I understand Pinterest will close them if I try to upload pins in bulk in a short time.

So I accept to spend enough time to achieve the goal. I need a clear blueprint. Like 10 pins/day at the first 10 days, then 20 pins/day… at last we can post 100~200 pins/day, or maybe more. From manual to auto… It’s very very very valuable for newbies like me.

I hear so many masters here. Any suggestion from you will be very appreciated.

Thank you All.

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I am not saying this is you, but here is what I am hearing when someone says I want to Pin XXXX amount per day with out getting banned: SPAM. If you put out great content, you will get followers, and clicks. Pinterest is full of people spamming, and it is cracking down on them.

Focus on great content, posted like a real person, and everything else will follow. If you spam you will get caught, or you will always worry about when are they going to catch me.

I have had the same pinterest account for 4 years. I have changed domains, focus of account (very different types of products), and still get 100’s of clicks per day. All because I pin great content. I may not actually pin something for over a week, and still see growth.

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Thank you dude. You’re right. People should take care what they are posting if they wanna traffic from Pinterest.

But for the project, I don’t care getting viewers inside Pinterest. So it’s not necessary for HQ viral images here.
What I want is very simple, an account with 5k~10k pins.

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Are you trying to get backlinks from Pinterest? That I could see doing, but I would still say that quality is better than #'s. You can post each link 2-4 times, with different pins (change title, description and image).

Spitballing here, because I haven’t done it, nor studied it, but if you are trying to get more links…
Focus on shareable content (How to and Top 10 Lists work well) because you get more reins that way. I don’t know for sure, but I remember reading once not long ago that each pin and repin is considered unique.

Just a thought. Added a screenshot of my stats the last month, and i really haven’t posted anything since the end of April.

Best of luck to you !

I’m working on something similar but only managing few accounts for ecommerce store and trying to safely automate as much as possible so when I add new products to my store it goes straight to RSS feed and Pinterest.

I’m not posting from generic RSS feeds from the store but each feed for each board is adjusted and generated on my server with unique and quality content using rich spintax and image manipulation (title+description+image). Posting 15-25 pins a day on main account just to keep safe but planning to post 50 a day on few others accounts (with different link of course).

Nice stats! It’s amazing to see and I’ve also seen elsewhere that old content (sometimes even years old) still generates good traffic on Pinterest.

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Yes it does. You also get an added boost with paid advertising, as you get some organic results, too. They have the stats broken down in the dashboard.

Yes, I wanna backlinks instead of traffics. But it’s hard to post hundreds pins per day while keeping account safe. That’s the point.

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Yeah, I see your point. The most I did was about 75 per day, but they were a mix of my pins and other people’s pins.

You can only verify one domain per pin account, but you can build pins with links even though the domain isn’t verified. Maybe you could have a network of Pin accounts that do what you want. Kind of like the PBN network theory.

I did find IFTTT helpful to shed things and automatically do tasks.

All the best to you.

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