How to cope with this?

when doing manual f/uf , with many accs , i use for child accs just the best targets accounts wich are 3/4 , so how to know users that already got followed without having to follow the same more than 1time (like a manual blacklist)

did you find a way to avoid that issue? I would have recommended JV for that they a have the ignore list and other options that prevent you from following the same users but since you are doing the manual way I don’t know how you can solve that issue.

I think each child account should follow the other child accounts, so when you visit a target user, you will know if the other child accounts have followed the target account. You can check the “mutual” on the target account.

I instantly thought of this technique:

It’s a hybrid Jarvee/manual following technique that uses scrapers to save posts into collections that you then follow.

Is that the sort of thing you were thinking of?

Scrape the followers you would like to target
Add them all in one list and remove duplicates using any tool you desire.
Split the list according to the number of child accounts you have (for example; you have 10 child accounts and you scraped 10K unique user, from that list create 1K follow sources for each of the 10 child accounts.)