How to correctly do a mass repin with pinterst

Hi guys,
Iam finishing my 100 accounts soon and I was wondering how to correctly do the repin?
I have a main accounts and 100 satellite accounts… how should I do the repins.
Every satellites accounts repin from the main account? Or do I have to do a chain, the first repin from the main then the seconde repin from the first and so on?
I have about 10 boards on each accounts but I do not want to use them for repins I only want to repin in one or two of them is it ok? Or is it suspicious?

I am a little bit lost…

This is what I do.

See @DaveNL’s post here:

Let me add to that, that if you use the chain method not to use the keywords ass source of your pins will be drowning in other pins and you wont get a lot of traffic

Is it a problem if I directly repin from the main board? If yes why?
I want to do one repin every day from the main account board is it ok? Can I do it with all my 100 accounts, they all will be repinning from my main account broad or is it suspicious?