How to create a lot of IG accounts and manage them?

Hey Guys,

How would you create and manage a lot of IG accounts? (6 - 100 Accounts)

Would you create them with software and then manage them on Jarvee?

At this point, I don’t have Jarvee and don’t know if it would be worth it only for managing accounts and scheduling posts.

Do you know any tools/software or what would you recommend?

The accounts are Brand accounts.


What is your goal? :sweat_smile:

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My goal is to set them up and post on them…

Or should I do this with my phone and just log in / out?


If you have to ask this kind of questions(and thats fine! we all started here), just start with some. Dont start with 10-50 or 100. You will get your accs banned in a second these days:)

Start with 1-10. Learn, test. And then expand.

Good luck!



You can’t just create 100 accounts on one phone and post from that same phone now a days.

You will need to use some software like Jarvee and Proxies to go with those accounts. Also you will need some SIM cards but you can also use virtual SIMs.

But it’s not as cheap as one might imagen. So 1-10 account start is probably a good idea if you don’t want to waist to much money needlessly. Or you could always hire some one to do it for you and teach you how to manage them.

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I’m not an expert (yet) but having even 5 accounts simultaneously and manually posting content on each of them sounds painful to me. Your end goal with these accounts does not matter either, whether you’re building the accounts for fun or to promote your main page or whatever, you need content and manually posting it will take lots of time. If you’re not going to use automatic follow/unfollow then you might be good with a simple post scheduler.

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Yeah, don’t go for bulk to start with. Nail like 10 and after a month or so scale up. It’s worth just focusing on a few and getting it right, rather than struggling with lots.

If I were starting again I would use a few variables, e.g. use a few different proxy providers and a few account providers, so you can see which combinations do and don’t work. If you don’t know a truly reputable proxy provider then maybe get a small batch from a few providers (or there’s reputable proxy providers here on this forum, I’m not sure if I can refer to them in this section, @dma0245 ?), but sometimes/often it’s a proxy issue and not just accounts, so it’s good to be able to rule out the different variables. And then maybe get accounts from a few sources, even sample accounts, and perhaps try making a few of your own.


I think this might be an interesting read for you - [METHOD] STOP buying accounts! With a smartphone, you can create 50+ daily


I saw it, but it didn’t work for me…

Thank you, so could I do this only with my phone?

Thank you, I will try it

Any software recommendations?

Jarvee. It’s the best you will find
And it’s a lot of work for you to learn how to do that. So just buy some decent proxies and create them on there.

No you can’t run 10 accounts simultaniasly on your phone.
Maybe if you have a couple of phones.
Maybe you should read more before trying it out for yourself.
Like a basic question. How will you grow the accounts?


I think at the beginning I will use Everliker