How to create lots of scrapers quickly :)

Tired of scrapers that have 1/7th the lifespan of a mosquito?
That’s 24 hours btw…

Well then, let’s try creating our own!

Here is a script you can use on python to generate you random usernames:

import urllib.request, json, random, re
    from datetime import datetime
def spin(spintax):
    def _sel(m, delimiter='|'):
        ch =
        return ch[random.randint(0, len(ch) - 1)]

    what = re.compile('{([^{}]*)}')
    while True:
        spintax, x = what.subn(_sel, spintax)
        if x == 0:
    return spintax.strip()

for x in range(0, 50):
    with urllib.request.urlopen("") as url:
        data = json.loads(
        data = (data['data']['Name'])
        spintax = "{_|.|}"
        spinned = spin(spintax)
        data = data[:index] + spinned + data[index+2:]
        data = data.replace(".","")
        data = data.replace(" ","")
        time = random.randint(1,99)
        num = str(time)
        spinned = spin(spintax)
        print (data+spinned+num)

if the code looks like trash, I’m sorry, I didn’t code in forever…

I would suggest getting a web host like Hostgator, then just making a bunch of emails there. For simplicity, use the same passwords.

Profile Pic
I use “fatkun batch download image” on Chrome to bulk download portrait/face images from various websites, such as pexels. I’m sure there are bulk downloads for image processing/AI reasons.

@Adi_Ankonina just recommended

Update: use this python code to download profile pics quickly with ThisPersonDoesNotExist.
(questionable comments in there :rofl:)

You can experiment with this, what I do is add bios from users I scraped before. You can also test no bio, no profile pic and removing the phone number once scraper is added, sometimes just a blank account works best!

I use smspva with API attached to Jarvee.

The Setup on Jarvee

Remeber, 1 proxy per account.

For more info, combine this with Adi’s video

Extra tips as I learn more:
10/25/20 - If you have clients rather than a bunch of accounts, try using the “send to extracted” with the follow tool, rather than using “scraper” accounts. This will make you scrapers last longer.

10/28/20 - Coded a Cpanel mass email creator, will release if enough people want it!
- Website with Python code added for mass download profile pics



Awesome guide CARNIVORE!
thank you for that and thank you for sharing the video!
I do believe knowing how to create scrapers for Jarvee these days it’s a must and using your guide will save people a lot of time & money.

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Thank you so much, I agree, and thank you for your video as well.

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Great share, thank you! Do you use enable delay and api limits settings when you use the classic method? if so, how many users do you scrape per operation? and what is your wait time?

Thanks for sharing @InstaZeus :slight_smile: How did you conclude that when using the option to send to extracted users, your scrapers last longer? How many users do you extract using scrapers?

Hi, do the emails need to be real?

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I honestly tried delay and night modes and realized they will eventually die around the same time. Therefore I just go in and do 20-40 “follows” and increase by 40 every day.
So far classic mode has been working better, more cost-efficient I feel like, main accounts on EB anyway.

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I just did the math of how much I was spending on scrapers. I realized that this method was saving me money (less scrapers needed).

However, it is more work - which means you need to go replace the classic scraper users that get blocked so that your main accounts always have users.

Another option is to use this marketplace, or a website that sells filtered/not filtered users.

Hey Juliannua yes as you will need at some point to verify them :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing @InstaZeus :pray:t2:

Do you use proxies for your scrapers?

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tried using with 4g?

I have not had success using 4G proxies with them, so I just use regular DC cheap proxies.

For creation or keeping scrapers alive?

well both. isnt it expensive 1:1 ratio when proxy acc? and when scraper u just reuse proxy?

Depends on the proxy, for example with 4G you can probably have way more on one, but for data center just 1:1.

For creating you can try @HydraProxy - their residential worked well for creation!

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Coded a mass email maker for Hostgator, let me know if you guys want the code! Should work for any cpanel host! This baby is saving me so much time creating my own emails :slight_smile:


I would be interested bro … May I? :grin:

Interested :+1::pray:

Thanks guys, will release at 25 likes!

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script for cpanel or only hostgator? and do u know of good datacenter proxies? :slight_smile: thnks for good information

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