How to fix the new follow block on Jarvee

Hello everyone

Just so it’s easily accessible to all without having to read through the other threads, here is the simple method to fix follow blocks if you’re currently using API calls to follow/like:

1. Go to the client/account’s ‘profile’ on Jarvee
2. Check all four of the options to use the embedded browser to like and follow, when follow blocked and also generally
3. Go to your follow and like tools and turn off ‘suspend tool when blocked’ if it was on when you were blocked

It is being suggested that resetting device IDs helps, although it is not immediately necessary and I would caution against it.

I personally had 90% of my accounts blocked in the past 24 hours, and did not need to reset device IDs in order to fix the issue. All of my accounts are fixed, for now.

If you were blocked using the embedded browser initially and have found a similar solution, please feel free to share in the comments.

If this doesn’t work for you, please also let us know.

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