Instagram Follow Block - Mega Thread - Level 1 [SERIOUS]

I’m creating this so everyone has an outlet to share test results and theories.

There are only 2 rules:

  1. if you want to share a “solution” provide as much information as you can about it. NOT SPECULATION, but information. What you did, how, when, on how many accounts, etc.

My friend who has a neighbor who read on a forum that IG is doing X Y Z - this is nonsense so please don’t post it.

  1. Be nice - if this turns to trash talk and measuring who is bigger and better, I will personally shut it down. If you see some salty apple in the thread, try to diffuse the situation, not add it it.

Having said all of that, I’m going to lock the other level 1 threads so the discussion does not happen over 25 threads.


Thanks MojoJojo.

So many threads talking about the same topic.


And to put everyone at ease - the level 2 mega thread is ongoing with many theories and proposed solutions, but nothing solid as of this moment.

So, you are not missing out on some magic solution :slight_smile:

If anything actionable does come up, it will pop up on all levels. Noone is going to be left out.

As a parting thought - situations such as these go to show there is value in being a regular member of the forum.

People lurk for months or only come when there is an issue and become upset that they don’t have the highest level of access. Life does not work like that.

Come here when times are good, share, contribute, be nice and when the shit hits the fan, as it does every few months, you’ll have access to the top level discussions. Simple, yet effective.


I’ve seen a few theories.
I’d just like to put my info out there.
No Blocks on this account:

Old account - over 6000 actions last 30 days. Added to Jarvee May 23rd
4G proxy
Yesterday did over 600 actions
Today doing unfollows - at about 200 so far today.
Account does not meet the “new only” or “6000 action criteria” mentioned as theories.
Account is used manually a lot on top of auto. Manual…
DM’s, comments, stories on top of that. Even the odd report or two put in.
No issues so far at all.
Account around 12 months old. Has had two copywrite notices (both contested) and a recent SB - out of shadowban now.


Everyone needs to chill. I have only been doing this for 12 months and have probably seen this type of thing 3 or 4 times.

Insta updates\changes something->everyones head falls off -> jarvee updates 2 days later and everything is fine again.

Chill champ chill.


Wise words. Thank you for doing that.


for the last few days I’ve been doing 250-300 follow and 275 and 325 unfollow daily and haven’t any blocks :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Me has lvl1 i don’t think if you figure something out in lvl2 don’t put right on lvl1 because IG crawlers.
Has you said if people want lvl2 stop complaining and grind in this forum, if you want the best eggs you have to gain for them and not just luckering here and there…


110 accounts -10 each mobile proxys
allclients account
108 block actions for follow already 24+ hours
not open yet
550-650 each day follow
nightmode 6 hours a day

if any1 have an idea how to fix i would apperciate

my mobile proxy from itally and my accounts clients all from israel could be proxy?
even through they worked fine untill2 days ago


but what should we do with already blocked accounts?


Just wait, it will be gone sooner or later. The length of the follow-block depends on your follow settings and most likely on trust score of the account.


Is it safe to continue doing likes, and other actions? I’m almost too afraid to post new pictures.


I am running 100 accounts with 70% follow blocked.
Although it’s true most of the newer account survived, but I also do have account that performed 9600 follow for the past 30 days ( 4rd May- 4rd of June) that’s not been affected by the follow block.


4th May - 4th june

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So if this monthly cap is a thing, when does it begin each month?


It’s rolling probably.


I’m going to repeat something here, which I posted in the level 2 thread too. I’m pretty certain something messed up on the Instagram side. For my own account I see three different versions of my own page. Each of them seem to be coming from different earlier versions of the Instagram app. Sometimes the buttons say “Promote”, other times they say “Promotions”. Sometimes the Promotions button is not there at all. I tried posting pictures but it’s hard to anonymize the information, while still making it understandable. I’m posting this hear because I just was going to share a picture to my Story. In the two “earlier” page versions, I cannot see the “Add post to your story” entry in the sharing menu. It’s only in the most current one (the one that says Promotions) can I share to the Story. I had two heart attacks today already. The first when I realized the page was messed up, where I thought they removed Promotions from the account, and the second time just now when I thought they blocked sharing to stories as well. I need a drink.


6 000 follow limit / 30 days therory


It might be nothing but let me share my experience :

On the 15th of may, my “CLIENT”'s 6 months plan stoped. So I stopped F/UF on Jarvee.
On 4th of june, like everyone here all my account got follow block (except for the new ones) including my former “CLIENT” for which I wasn’t boting since two weeks.

I juste double checked the stats. On 4th of june the number of follow during the last 30 days was 6 340.

The next day, on 5th of june the number of follow done during the 30 last days was 5 261… And the follow block desapired. So Kacper might have something here.

In 8 days I have an other account from a client that will pass down the level of 6 000 follow during the last 30 days. I’ll keep you posted the block disapear :slight_smile:

Good luck guys


Yes it is according to the pattern of my former client