How to fix this Instagram error message?

simple – do as it says – something is busy

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Not as simple as it may seem. I’ve waited hours, 24hrs to be exact.

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either your proxy - mobile system is down then. This is not a instagram error – its a http response from the web telling ya – something is overloaded and busy – Insta sometimes gives this never more than 1 hour max once in ahile, never a day

This message popped up after resetting my password, only because my account wasn’t letting me post pictures or videos it would only soon disappear. After successfully resetting my password the error happened. I’ve tried logging in on other devices that aren’t on my Wi-Fi network even other’s devices, same message.

right there – that tells me – something is busy – if done during peak hours – and if wifi/mobile from a shitty service, there ya go…busy

just went to your page – if it had another upload in the que – ya gotta wait, possibly one trying to send and ya try to send another videos as you know suck in speed

Here’s the page I’m referring to everyone can see my page but when I login that’s the message I get my followers are still going. I’m using Charter 100mbps it’s very fast so I’m not sure why. Thank you though.

change proxies?

try reinstalling the app

I’ve tried it, no success. I even factory reset my phone. Today is day number 2 and it’s still doing the same thing.

Not sure what that means, do explain please.

okay. open instagram from the web browser. If you manage to access your account, you will know that it is not about blocking or disabling.

This has nothing to do with Proxys. She does not use bots.

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I’ve tried it an gotten the same message. See attached photo.

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But that is thrown by the app or the web browser?

got it now.

maybe try from a desktop/ laptop. another device, another connection.

I had the same problem some time ago. Just waited until it worked again

So after complaining over and over again that I really need my account working again Instagram finally reached out to me. Now I’m able to use my use, but I can’t post anything. It’ll soon disappear.

if you are getting lag, possibly you can’t see updated post yet…i am sorry, all your descriptions point to only one thing — slow—ass connection— or some kind of data speed cap
know becuase it was like this on cricket before I moved to t-mobile