How to force Pinterest accounts to update their Boards?


So the question is pretty easy.

Is there any way, without having to delete the account and signing in again, to update the boards/pages associated with one account of Pinterest?

I think after some time MP update it itself, but i dont want to wait lol


Have you tried re-syncing the account in Social Profiles? If not, please do, see if that works.

Yeah you have to go back to profile page and sync them, there is no other way, a simple sync link on the create board page or the pin setting page would be a great solution here.

Thanks guys for the replies.

I found out that closing MP, and then opening again, it works too.

I have the same problem now, none of the boards sync when you delete them from the accounts or when you add new ones, only restarting MP gives a solution.

Please advice

@DaveNL Did you try to SYNC the account from Social Profiles section and wait until the SYNC operation is finished?

I did, it does sync the figures on the front but i have no more boards to create so i can’t say anything on that as i already worked it with a restart.