How to gain 700k followers in a day (!) & then lose 200k within 5 months 😏

The answer: have a giveaway that goes viral.

The proof:

And that day ain’t over yet… currently sitting at over 660K.

Every time I refresh the IG page, they have gained 1k followers…



INB4bankruptcy, how the hell will they give out that many bathing suits for free? It’s pretty much impossible to give away dirt cheap digital things at that level…


Cwazyyy sparked up a few ideas

Currently at 672K… I wonder if they are going to pass 1 mil by the end of the day?


a) they charge shipping - if it costs them $2 per item + $2-3 shipping and they charge you $6.99 to $9.99 for shipping they are not only gaining 1000s of customer data but actually might make a buck

b) they are NOT going to fulfill - they are going to weasel out somehow and they are going to get destroyed in the media.

We shall wait and see :slight_smile:


They’re promising to donate $1 per order to Alzheimer’s research too, on top of all that :joy:

At the same time, yeah, they’re going to have to back out and cut it off at a certain point.

This is either going to be a HUGE WIN for them or going to bankrupt them… it is all a matter of who is running the show. The fact that they haven’t taken down the post means they want to milk this whole situation. I’m quite curious to see what is going to happen.

If you read most of the comments they are screaming “scam”, however the followers are growing by the minute.


I guess it’s a good thing Sheeple was officially added to Webster’s dictionary.


C’mon why doesn’t this happen to me :smiley:

I gotta try this on a bunch of accounts! And btw the shipping + handeling fee = cost of the swimming suit

Amazing way do expand though

they are going to use the “until stock last” trick :smiley:

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Well here goes excuses
Last pic uploaded

  1. No Exchanges/Returns, All Promo Orders Final.
  2. Code Valid for 24 hr. only, No Exceptions.
  3. Due to the viral volume of participants, we reserve the right to cap the promotion if deemed necessary.
  4. Participants must pay Shipping & Handling
  5. Due to the overwhelming volume of orders we will work as fast as we can to process + ship (approx. 3-6 weeks) but there may be delays.
  6. Promo Code will only work for Participants who reposted and tagged us. Limited to 1 Suit per participant.

Great Share @MojoJojo :smiley:

I am curious to know how their account will continue to grow in the next few weeks. As we know, Instagrams algorithm hates spikes of engagement or followers, so I am curious if IGs algorithm will limit their exposure somewhat in the upcoming weeks.

Their engagement rate is still quite low shockingly.

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Also, I am debating on getting a few thousand free swimsuits :smiley:

  1. Set all my accounts to re-post & tag their picture
  2. Get thousands of free swimsuits
  3. Re-sell them on my own swimsuit, and female oreanted accounts 20% cheaper than retail
  4. Make bank :smiley:

Best part is, they were botting pretty hard before that happened.


Currently at 750K… this thing is going wild!


Offering people free stuff is nothing new, but man, that is a poop ton of people.

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What’s your take on their “success” with giving away free stuff? Luck or do you think they are doing something a little bit different?

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I haven’t analyzed it. I mean, here’s the thing, even if they charge a few extra bucks for shipping, it covers all costs. It was 100% accidental for them, but that exposure is something else. You literally can’t pay for that.

I haven’t dug into the whole thing, but the whole like, repost, tag thing is Instagram 101 for small businesses IMO.

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Here’s the best part so far…

Meow baby.


Man, the comments section is amazeballs.

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