How to gain followers organically on a 28k Insta page?

Hi guys!

Just before I dive into this here is my account @adventuresof_rubi!

I create “cutish” comics about my dog Rubi and I currently have around 28k followers, but my problem is that it is not growing organically AT ALL.
Whenever I use shoutouts or ads it is growing okay, but Id love to reach people organically…
I literally tried every tactics, researched hashtags, I engage a lot with people, post stories daily etc etc
My comics never reach explore page, they only reach around 3/4 of my followers.

If anyone has time could you guys check my page and tell me what I might be doing wrong?

I am happy to receive any tips you have for me!

Thank you,


Are you sure you’re using right hashtags?

Check this guide:

Also, did you consider using any automation tools?