Top Notch LVL1 Hashtag Research [Guide]

So. You’re level 1. You want to hurry up and get to the big league status of level 2. Essentially all your work is trying to go from this


But! What am I supposed to do in the meantime Jay? How am I supposed to grow and I can’t even access LVL2 topics yet!? Glad you asked. Consider me your level 1 Sensei, here to help you grow your account step-by-step, answering whatever you can think of. Here is our topic of the day:

  1. What are hashtags?
  2. How to effectively find/use them for growth.
  3. Important things to remeber using hashtags.

1) What Are Hashtags?

If Instagram was Google, hashtags would be the keyword you’d type in to find whatever sites you’re looking for. On IG, tags are searched by users to find accounts they may like. Think of them as checkpoints that spider web connect into all related checkpoints.

2)How To Find/Use Them For Growth

So big whoop Jay, we know what hashtags are, but how do we USE them!? Calm down kiddo. There’s one surefire way that I’ve found when it comes to hashtags…drumroll… ORGANIC RESEARCH!

That’s right, organic research, not some fancy app or website that spits out tags for you. Good ole elbow grease is all you need for this method. The reason why your own research is going to be better, is because it’s YOUR account. No one knows it like you. So in order to explain this, we are going to pretend I have a dog IG page…

Let’s go to a place i know you’re familiar with.

Here we will put in a super broad keyword of our niche. In this example, dog. Notice how after typing it in, #dog comes up as the highest (red circle), with lower related suggestions underneath (blue arrow).

Click on #dog and you’ll head to the top posts of the tag. Having 100M+ posts overall means that these top posts cycle wayyy more often than say a 50k posts overall tag.

With #dog having such a high volume of usage, getting top 9 would be amazing for this right? Let’s check out the kind of posts in the Top 9.

Geeeeez Jay, I can’t hit the Top 9 for that, 75k views in 2 hrs, 3940 likes in an hr, 5034 in a HALF hr…bro, come on! Don’t freak out buddy, if you remember correctly there was another little section when we were looking up #dog.

There it is. All these tags are in the same group as #dog, just less competitive. This particular tag #littledog, only having about 945k overall posts has volume but not like the monster tag #dog. Let’s check out a few of these posts shall we?

See? Way more manageable numbers to be able to hit right? If not, just rinse and repeat this process you have a whole set of tags catered to your account! To me, thats the best thing about this method. It can be done whether you’ve got a following of 5k, 50k, or 500k :blush:

3)Important Things To Remember Using Hashtags.

•This guide is to point you in the right direction. Take the information and use it to find your own path. You might even find something better whilst doing so.

•Be careful when using hashtags, as of today, some accounts have been getting penalized by using newly created hashtags, or using “broken” tags, etc.

•When gauging the competitiveness of a tag, look at the actual engagement of the Top 9, not just the overall posts. A hashtag may have only 100k overall posts, but has a range of 5k-12k likes on all it’s Top 9’s!
In Conclusion

Hashtags are a wonderful aspect of Instagram, contributing to what makes this app so unique. Use them to your advantage and watch your accounts thrive.

Also, if you found anything in this guide helpful to you or someone else, go ahead and share some love by leaving a like :wink:


Good job @Jay3, good job :slight_smile:


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stright to the point, funny aswell, good work jay keep it coming gangsta


@Jay3 Excellent first guide! This is the kind of content that Level 1 can use, and shares like this are benefit everyone. Keep up the good work!


Of course I do. You took effort and wrote detailed guide. :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the feedback, thanks for the chance to help everyone out. I sure will!


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Totally love and appreciate it. Always good to see it in different ways and grasp what I need to do. Timely for me as I am new to all of this. Guess what I am doing tomorrow morning??? Thank you!


You are totally welcome @kathy! Glad I could help :blush:

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Wow @Jay3 I’m impressed mate! Very very good guide for our lvl 1 friends. Sending happy tokes your way!


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I appreciate you having the time @Alexnvo! Love being of help when I can :+1:


Wow man, it’s going to be hard to come up with something like this!

When I am doing my own research, I use a couple of sites to find tags, especially if it’s a weird niche. If it’s a weird niche or a friend doesn’t know where to start, I might start or send them to focal mark. It’s not the best site by any means, but it works ok to find tags to get going.

Once I have those tags or some others, I use the sister site to focal mark called display purposes. You add them in, set the limit to “infinity” and then you get a huge list of related tags. They are not perfect, but it gives you a ton of tags that might be good to check out.

After that I go through and check the top 9 for them, one by one until I find the ones for each pic I post.

I’ve noticed that top instagrammers look like they are stuffing as many tags into a post as possible with related keywords, but it also looks like they are in some kind of level.

They use small tags, then go all the way up to tags that I could never use, yet that is.

Thanks for the share man!


You are welcome my friend, I love to help! And it looks like you have a pretty solid method incorporated already, I may get a few aspects and use them as well :thumbsup:


Totaly great tutorial dude, you can sell tutorial content with high price, so readable :joy:

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