How to get accepted into CPA Networks easily and fast

So a lot of guys here are doing CPA but there are also other members who don’t know what a CPA network is.

In this tutorial I will show you how I apply to any CPA network and get accepted instantly. I have received many private messages on facebook asking me on how to get accepted into CPA networks. The truth is, all CPA networks want to accept all publishers who want to apply for an account.

As a marketer, you know by now that Advertisers are the main reason why CPA networks are in the business that’s why they always make sure that their advertisers are happy. CPA networks weed out bad publishers that may hurt their advertisers’ business that’s why during application they will do everything to determine if you are good for the network or not.

Reasons why CPA network rejects an application

Fake Information – This is the main reason why advertisers won’t trust you in their network. Always use real information when applying for an account.

Bad Proxies – Never ever use public proxies when applying for an account or any proxy for that matter. Some tracking system that most of the CPA network use has a built in ip checker.

No Website – If you don’t have any website then you are decreasing your chances to get your account approved. Build a decent looking website first with a minimum of 10 posts related to internet marketing, and then you can apply for an account.

My method for applying an account

In this example, we will be applying for an account with AdgateMedia. I mention in the above post that you will first need a decent looking website. I have built my own website using Blogspot. Blogspot is a free blogging platform, so there is no reason why you can’t have a website. If you are a beginner and don’t know what website to make then look at this example .

Adgate Media

Account Details
In this section, you must fill out all the necessary fields, including your home address. Put your Company’s name when they ask for it. If you have a company, then it will increase your chance to get approved, if however you don’t have a company then just put your full name in the field where you should put your Company’s name.

User Details
If you have a domain name, then make an email address with that domain. For example, I have this domain, I always put in the email section. This is to let them know that I know what I’m doing in terms of setting up a website and running a business. If you don’t have a domain yet, then I suggest you go with either yahoo mail or gmail.

Additional Questions
In the website field, add the website that you have made. If you are asked what method you will be using then just answer “I will be using SEO and Social media to promote your offers. I am also looking for other alternative ways on how to promote your offers.” Remember, that’s just an example. Don’t copy and paste it because there might be someone out there who already used it as their answer.

Contact The Affiliate Manager

Every time I apply for an account, I always find ways to contact them to expedite my application approval. Don’t be afraid to contact them it will drastically increase your chance of getting accepted 100% . In this example, I have tried to contact them via forum, facebook, twitter and skype. Leave them a message with your email and full name. Let them know that you want to be a publisher in their network. Affiliate managers will see you as a serious marketer when you contact them first.

Final Thoughts

I have used this method whenever I register for an account. So far I haven’t been rejected yet. Let me know if you have been accepted into CPA networks using this method. If you have been accepted then don’t forget to like and share this post.

PS : I am in no way affiliated with this network and you are free to use any network if you want.

By the way, Stay Awesome :wink:


I recently got accepted into Maxbounty. At first, i thought it was easy, seeing how everyone says maxbounty is easy like peerfly. I got accepted into peerfly way easier than it was with other non incent networks.

So for anyone looking into maxbounty, the last hurdle is a phone call. I didn’t manage to call them, cause i was well, scared. But 2 days later they called me, and for some reason lot’s of people have an issue getting past Kate. It seems most asians or generally non-good english speaking people gets rejected based on my findings. I’m asian and have a bad english accent, so i was obviously concern about the acceptance.

So i picked up the phone, Kate was there, and i was like, oh dear, lets try and put up some US english accent ! LOL

Long story short, she will ask you a few questions:

  • What other networks have you joined?
  • What makes you decide to join our network?
  • How will you promote the offers?
  • What offer are you looking to promote?

So, when you did the registration online, you have it filled in already, they’re calling to double confirm what you wrote, and want to test your level of knowledge. And of course, your english have to be good enough to be understood.

What’s important:

  • Tell the truth. If you have no prior experience (in non-incent), say you don’t, and want to try
  • Get ready an offer you want to promote
  • Do some research on CPA, offers, method of promotion, how the traffic flows, etc.

I lied so hard to her back then, it was a really funny phone call. :stuck_out_tongue:


Use CPABuild At the moment it is not necessary to have a website or something like this, just make the registration and wait for the release to start using your account.

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This is going in my back pocket, great post :smile:

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Are you using CPABUILD, and if so what do you think, @brazukas?
Any clicks and conversions?

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The main thing is to be honest and upfront. Your best bet is to join network based on specific offer you want to promote or at least specific niche you want to promote.

‘Bad proxies’ is a strange one really… lame black hat short term strategy or what? :smiley:

CPA Build is pleasing to have a very intuitive panel with good offers. As for conversions I think it converts like any other.