How to get instagram accounts from specific country?

I would like to get users from specific country.

I imagine it like search for a country or #country or #town and similar requests, parsing users and then their followers, and may be followers after. Kind of recursion from search to find followers. Of course some of results will be other users but most of them should be fine. I don’t need to be 100% precise.

Not to invent a bicycle, Do You Know software for this kind of job?

Thank you in advance!

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You can use Geotargeting in your follow sources and target user that posts from the country, city and even specific places like bars etc.
After you get some follows from locals target there friends. And locations where they go, which are related to your nitche.
Hope this helps


thank for reply, but i need a scrapped list of users from specific country. yes geo search will do too.
I am looking for software to scrape users from location and their followers

I don’t know of any scrapping tool that does that but it’s probably best to do it yourself and get height quality sources.
Can you be a little more specific about the amount of sources and locations?
Also I hear wispers of people selling and even giving out high quality leads on this form but hey I’m just a LVL 1 and that is above both our paygrades, that is if it raven exist :wink:
Or maybe I can help you with the scraping if you tell me exactly what you need


Oh and this might also be useful

Sounds like the right place to ask if you don’t find it


I need all instagram users ID’s from specific country

graphql -> hashtag -> edge_hashtag_to_media -> edges -> node -> owner -> id



yes this is for beginning only, then we take out users, and take our their followers and then take out followers of followers and may be futher.
Any parser/scrapper for it?

I might be C iliterate but that looks so satisfying.

Thanks for helping out

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I think the imristo scraper might do scrape by geo. You’ll have to check

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thanks emailed them

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Nice. Im interested in hearing if imristo’s tool helps with this too.

did not get any answer from them, still interested in solutions

Just looking at the site it has it listed and in images. You could always just buy it and if for some reason it doesn’t do it right just dispute for a refund in PayPal as the product does not deliver as advertised (but that’s unlikely).

c’mon man, I don’t speak French.

I do x)

What didn’t you understand?

My friend Google returned this result

I see that if you add “?__a=1” at the end of a location you get all the info (lat +long of that location + id of the people that posted)

I don’t really know with what other tool we could use this with . It will be nice to find all Instagram locations using Google Maps lat + long. Finding all the local instagram locations would be a powerful feature.

Most bots have a feature to target geolocations anyway, so that’s why I was asking myself, am I missing out on something :confused:

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Can I get your email to contact you?
Please :slight_smile: