How to get more saves and join the public boards?

Hello, everybody. I’m Harry.
I have used Pinterest to promote my product for half a year. But always few people saved my pins. What’s the matter? Is my Pinterest account flase?
How to get more saves and join the public boards? Thanks a lot.

Pinterest, like anything else, is all about content. If they don;t like your content, then they are not going to save your pin. Start with the photo or graphic… is it good quality? The right size? Is it niche relevant? Does it match the board it’s pinned to?

Start there.

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You’ll need help of group boards. To join them, you’ll have to contact board owners. What worked for me is asking them nicely to add them to their board. Of course, you should have nice, non spammy profile. Just comment on one of their latest pins, tell them you like their “name” board and you would like to contribute there. The more you ask, more invites you’ll get.

Do not use automation for this, make these comments manually and make sure they look human :slight_smile:

Thanks for your good suggestions. I still have many questions on Mass Planner and Pinterest.
Who can add my Skype for discussion? My Skype account is: (edited by admin - there is a PM feature on the forum, please use that and don’t add your details in public like that ). Thanks a lot.

If the questions are related to Mass Planner tools for Pinterest, you can always contact support and we’ll help you through support system, but if you have some questions related to marketing on Pinterest, I would suggest you to post them here. Members here and I will try to help you.