How to get traffic from pinterest or more exposure?

Ive setup boards and pins like everyone else has and once in a while i get a few clicks from pinterest but i want to scale that traffic

how do you guys get pinterest traffic?


You either get traffic from your bio link or from Pins that link to your own domain.

Your bio link is influenced by how many monthly views you get, how many are engaged.

Pins that link to your own domain, get views based off the description and the image. There is a Pinterest course somewhere on this forum from Anastasia that does a great job explaining that process.

You will grow on Pinterest by mainly pinning and re-pinning others content. I do a 90/10 split, 90% others stuff, 10% my stuff. I have heard people go as much as 50/50, with no detriment.

If you want quick results, run a Pin ad on one of your pins, set a $1 a day budget and you may be surprised.

Follow/unfollow don’t seem to really matter. I did that the 1st 3 days of my account being opened. Then stopped. My account continued to grow. I do follow people who have accounts that I can use to re-pin their stuff ( just a couple a week as I am perusing Pinterest).

Here is what I would do, if I was starting… Find a pinterest account you would like yours to be like (content, traffic #'s you like, etc.). Then, I would make a similar board to everyone they have, with similar descriptions. Don’t copy, but make it similar. If they have a Taco Board, you have a My Favorite Taco Board. Then proceed to add pins to all the boards, and follow a % you are comfortable with of your content and others.

Hope this helps.

edit: Forgot to add this little gem. You will get notifications on your Pinterest account. Every now and then Pinterest will have suggestions and things people are looking for. When those show up, make a board a similar title, and add pins. Pinterest is literally telling you what they want to rank on their platform. Use it.


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