How to Land on Explorer Page & Go Viral?

Hey friends,

I have a lot of people asking me on the best ways to grow and end up on the explorer page.

These are some methods that have done every time to basically land on the explorer page.

Again, you would obviously need some organic engagement and a few thousand followers to ensure you rank every single time, however, if you’re just starting out, you want to start testing out these methods.

So when I post I always do the following:

Add a location
Add related hashtags 5-20 (If you have good organic engagement, you don’t need #'s)
Use a clickbait thumbnail (If a video)
Post at peak times
Use DM/Engagement groups after 30-60mins
Include call to action in caption
Post on your Story telling your followers to check out your new post

Now these are the free and easy steps you can do right away. I see people not using all of these combined each time they post & they are missing out on free reach.

If you use these methods + Powerlikes & private networks, then you’re basically guaranteed to rank :wink:

Note: These are methods that are preferred for niche style pages, but for personal pages you still wanna test it out so you can get more reach.

Again, it takes time to test out what posts do really well and how you can use it to your advantage. Certain locations do extremely well every single time, while others don’t help at all. It all comes down to testing. I post 3 times a day, so I get a lot of data to tell me what works and what doesn’t.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



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Besides that general bull**** blabla.


ah noted! first time so didn’t know

just trying to give actually actionable steps, but I did remove the link :slight_smile:


one thing to remember. If a page goes on explore page post after post – that account will hit again over and over again. The hardest part is getting Insta to trust your posts are good to do that. Your steps are excellent!

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I’ve heard there is a guaranteed method where you can use a combination of specifically dripped views from panels and dripped power likes to land on the explore page. Anybody else here hear of the same thing before? or know how to do it?

Definitely engagement coming from Shares, Saves, Comments and Quality likes.

It’s easy. You’ll need powerlikes, power comments and DM groups (Acutally real pool of large accounts with real followers" and lots of it, normally you’ll hit explore pages easily relatively.

However if you wanna get viral, CONTENT is king and plays the biggest part.

I do run a viral growth service and help many people in the past and even now with my service, the biggest problem with people is that they don’t understand how content actually reaches explore pages. Then they’re not willing to post the right content because they think their own content is the “best” suitable to go viral. It doesn’t work that way, I can say for sure.


Engagement groups play a big role on this one

folks truth – unless you have a 10+ million account backing you ( in the same niche ) your content will always be the key. NOT powerlikes, eg/dm groups. your not going viral? - content sucks, that simple.

and don’t say – well its HQ and this or that – it either is or not, 99 % percent of the time what you think is, it is crap


Honestly, I don’t recommend using powerlikes because once you start using them you won’t be able to stop without killing your engagement. I have a client who used powerlikes & power comments and got around 1500 likes and 40 comments on every post. Once he stopped, he only got 30 likes and 1-2 comment, YES 30!

Going viral is actually pretty easy. Find good content and give your audience a reason to engage.

Exactly, I’ve a pool of over 55M network of followers combined from my powerlikes account.

Hitting explore pages is insanely easy, getting viral and traction is WHOLE different topic.

I get clients wanting to refund because the content I post isn’t “Business” friendly, no idea what that even means.


Nope, his doing something severely wrong tbh.

Powerlikes aren’t meant to be use to increase engagement, they’re USED to get traffic and engagement and build followers then you’ve to convert them. Probably he rely on the powerlikes too heavily.

The difference between getting engagement and increasing engagement.

I can get over 70K likes in a 50K followers account by having viral content but increasing my normal likes aren’t easy unless you’re someone influential then it will happen. If you’re someone niche pages, fan pages, business pages then sadly no.

Powerlikes everyone thinks it’s magic. A cure for low er, low followers daily. Far from it. It is exposure…nothing more. The powerlike account exposes that post to some of its followers…thats really all it does. If the content is not likable it’s wasted. Then they go blame it does not work not knowing how it works. Likes are not the issue.
The content is. That’s the key
My personal network is a little over 2.3 mill. I have one of my little 50k get as many as 100k in a week because of content


If an account has low er to begin with and gets powerlikes and the account does not grow with them, there is a problem. If the account grows goog with them, they should be able fo stop and grow alone without them.

I agree 100%. However, the client was firmly convinced that his content was awesome because he got 1500 likes which all came from the powerlikes. He came to a sobering realization after I told him to stop the powerlikes for a couple of days. Also, the quality of his powerlikes was horrible.

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It definitely doesn’t work this way lmao. It’s completely random at this point. I average over 4,000 likes on my personal account and don’t always rank. The algorithm is ever changing, and engagement alone does not get you ranked. Posts with 100 likes hit hashtag ranks all the time, explore is even less likely. While these steps may help your post overall, there is nothing to come close to guaranteeing you’ll hit explore. This is all pretty well known stuff already.

That’s because with hashtags your locked in. Remove them and see.


In part I agree with you. You can’t really tell which content will hit explore but engagement was and will always be the most important metric on how good a post ranks.