How To Make 5-6 Figures A Month Using Jarvee in 2021-2022? #infortheautumngiveawa

How To Make 5-6 Figures A Month Using Jarvee? - Google Docs - Watch Video

How To Make 5-6 Figures A Month Using Jarvee in 2021-2022? :robot::robot::robot:

6 methods - the best ones!

By Adi Ankonina/ Doctor Jarvee

I remember the first day I tried JARVEE, it was the 20th of June 2018, I downloaded it, saw a few Youtube videos on Aaron Ward (awesome guy), and continued to tweak it by myself. It started with my own accounts and my friends accounts and slowly grew into a real business with clients from Israel and all around the world :slight_smile:

Fast forward to November 2021, I have a team and were managing hundreds of social accounts using JARVEE and automation tools, and over 100 students I personally helped them on their journey.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I want to let you know that you can do it as well, and there are several ways you can earn 5-6 figures in a month using JARVEE! Yes, its possible, but its not easy. I spend days, nights, months, and even years to get to this level in JARVEE. There were crazy times with not a lot of sleep and crazy amounts of stress (who said June 2019 or March -today 2021? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:). If you are looking for an easy life and something that will do everything for you and you will travel the world and work like 1 hour a day - think again, if you are ready to work really hard and challenge yourself to make a living from JARVEE - this guide is for you!

Are you ready?

Lets go, #1: Client management!

Where to start from?

Learn JARVEE properly, do a lot of testing, make sure you make mistakes on test accounts, and learn the important things. I will share new guides about it soon :slight_smile: If you have questions -MP will be there to help. Remember that every failure will get you closer to your goals :slight_smile:

Use your own accounts as social proof to show photos like you can see here and get people to see you know what you are doing. Get at least 3 proofs.

  • Start posting about your new service with a 7 day free trial on FB communities, on your own FB profile, IG, and talk about it! Make sure you 100% know what you are doing and start playing the game! A #specialidea would be to come up with a viral post to post on FB communities, which allows it (talk with the admins first), with a screenshot of your results + an offer of 1 free week of services, to only 5 lucky people, with a CTA to comment on your post! This way even more people will see your post and know what youre doing, even if they werent lucky enough to get the prize. After choosing the 5 luckiest people - give them a special early adopters rate, and make sure that they post your results while continuing to grow.

  • Keep learning and getting better, join communities like FB place, MP Social, and more places to get in touch with like-minded people.

  • Get testimonials from your clients and use them in the right place as you did 2 steps before. Make sure to ask your clients to answer the right questions, such as who they are, why theyre using your service, what are the results they have gained, and why they would recommend their friends to join your growth service as well.

  • Build your website! Yes, in 2021 every business must have an awesome website with case studies, blogs, pricing, and everything that will help you bring more clients and build your name out there. You can build your website by yourself with WordPress + elementor, or you can pay someone to do that for you. Ive actually built my own website after learning from an online course, so if you have some time I definitely recommend doing that by yourself, or paying someone but someone that knows to do it well! (remember - you get what you pay for).

  • Join freelancer platforms such as Upwork + Fiverr and build your profile over there. Make sure you focus on the results you gain from your clients and not about you. Send 5 proposals a day to the right people and make custom videos for them. From experience - its working :slight_smile:

  • Build your name out there! Create your own Youtube channel with content about Instagram growth and answer the top questions of your clients. Build a FB community. Give VALUE.

  • Paid ads - if you want more clients and you want more than the organic leads you get- start with paid advertising on FB, IG, Google, and Youtube. Any more platforms will be great. Learn how to do that by yourself and when you have enough budget - outsource it or bring in a house team member.

  • Slowly you will grow from 0 clients to 20,50,100,200,500 and more. While scaling (and fast) make sure you have the best people on your team, that can grow with you and bring the best results for your clients. On the way, you will face many challenges, keep that in mind. The truth is that most of the people quit automation in June 2019 during the last IG war. There are not many people who are doing what you are doing, there are pros and cons for that. Stay strong and get a business consulting or business partner that can help you with the things you are not good enough with and help you grow together.

Are you ready for #2?

Here it is Affiliate Marketing For Social Accounts!

For sure you heard a lot about affiliate marketing, to sell someone elses products/service and get % from every sale. You can use jarvee to grow your social accounts and start to monetize them with affiliate offers. You can make a few hundred or even a few thousand US$ from that.

From where to start?

  • Research the hottest niche atm and the topics people are looking for online. For example - cryptocurrencies, investments are very hot topics at the moment. Try to see if you also have an interest in these topics so you can enjoy the journey as well :slight_smile:

  • Build the account from scratch, or purchase an existing one in the niche, and have a decent amount of followers and engagement. For example, we grow our account on the CBD niche from 0. Weve continued to grow it with jarvee until today and soon we will add affiliate links to the bio. Also sold some shout-outs over there for 50$.

  • Use the repost tool to grow. Repost accounts with top viral posts on your niche, add your CTA, and always give credit to the owner of the account.


  • Use the DM tool to send new followers the link for your affiliate offer with a code coupon.


  • PS- you can also do that all with other social platforms like Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and more. I just talked about IG because we focus on that but this is only 1 option.


Grow and Sell your social accounts!

100$-10K$ and even more!

  • Just like #2: make research about the hottest niche atm and the topics people are looking for online. For example - cryptocurrencies and investments are interesting to many people. Try to see if you also have an interest in these topics so you can enjoy the journey as well :slight_smile:

  • Build the account from scratch or purchase from other people who already build the account on the niche and have a decent amount of followers and engagement. For example, our account on the CBD niche we created from scratch, and soon we will sell it for a decent price :slight_smile:

  • How to sell it? You can use the DM tool to send DMs to relevant businesses who want to get the account based on the quality of your content and audience or use third-party platforms such as fameswap or swapd or FB communities.

Make sure you get the payment before you give the details.


Shoutouts! It can start with 5$ and can go to 500$+! Depends on how much your account is worth :slight_smile:

  • After you grow the accounts as we talked about on #number 2 & #number 3- you can start offering shout-outs for businesses in your niche!
  • How? Start with adding this option to your posts so people will know its an option, also add-in on your bio DM for paid promotions.
  • Not sure how much to charge? Try to think about how much value and traffic you will bring to the business that will work with you.


**Over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online in 2021

Build your own E-commerce business! Sell online products! You can make 0-millions $ from it.

  • This time - go with something you have passion for and have money. Dont build a website only for the money, if you love sport - build a brand with sports products, if you love dogs - build a dog products website, and so on. You can learn how to build it all by yourself, or you can pay someone to do it, or you can find partners that will split with you the profit and the expanses. Every way has its own pros and cons, I love working with a partner but its not easy to find the right people and people can also not always be so honest with you, thats a part of the game.

  • Build social accounts for your business on any social platforms your audience is spending time on, IG, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, and more. Invest a lot in their content and grow them using jarvee.

  • Use the DM tool to send users to your website and give them value, not always sales.


  • Paid ads - organic its awesome but its not enough, pay someone or learn how to do ads that generate sales! Scale your business and keep pushing.

  • After its all working and generating the money you want, add more team members that can do all the work for you and build more business like that :slight_smile:


Teach everything you know!


Scientia potentia est, knowledge is power! If you manage to learn everything and do it by yourself with success, why not help more people and teach them what you know?

  • Build a Youtube channel as I did. Focus on giving your best value, tips, and tricks to people to get the results they are looking for. Dont think about the money.

  • Add options for 1/1 call with you with payment, you can start with 100$ per hour and go up to 300$ and more. How much is your hour worth? Depends on how much the knowledge and the tools you will bring to the table will be worth for your audience.

  • Build a student club - when your calendar is all booked with 1 on 1 calls, and you dont have enough time to help everyone - build an online course with video content and support group to help more people at the same time + walk with them in the process of their journey. Honestly, I did it and am still doing it over here with the Its much more than money to know that you help other people around the world to build their business. Love you VIP people!

Thats it? 6 ways to make money with Jarvee?

These are the main ways I know, but for sure there are more.

You can become an influencer and travel the world posting about beautiful hotels, you can affiliate for products related to jarvee as proxies/scraper/VPS but the ways I mention are the main ones I know to make a living from Jarvee.



I loved your video, this topic is soo interesting! Can I get in touch with you to discuss something related to Jarvee?

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Appreciate the really honest information provided

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Thanks @Adi_Ankonina Ive really enjoyed reading your article :slight_smile: I wish you all the best in years to come :slight_smile:

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with clients the constant blocks kills it


Wouldve been a viable guide back in 2018 lol

Not sure about that :slight_smile:
Its all about how you can adapt to new changes and find new solutions, this is the game, it doesnt get easier, you get stronger :muscle:

Ofc there are issues, problems and challenges, you can see some clients in block but still you can gain some awesome results using Jarvee, soon I will share the settings for 2022 :slight_smile:

Goodluck guys

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@Adi_Ankonina whats your favorite method? :slight_smile:

Not sure how you are doing that many actions without being locked. Will see in a few weeks how you go. Last time I tried follows, the third week caused death.

Especially as Daniel has said nothing has been fixed with api yet. But great work if you can keep it stable.


Are you using EB or API to complete these actions in the video? How are you keeping your API calls so low for how many actions you are doing?

Good methods. Thank you for sharing and for informations