How to make 50-100$ a day with internet?

Hello !
I’m currently a student and it’s difficult to study at school and to have a part-time job. So do you have a solutions to make 50-100$ a day by working only 2 or 3 hours ?
Thanks !


we are planning too the same
but I can work more for this 5-6 hours :blush:

you are on the right platform here you can find out many informative topic from where you can start your work on social media sites
start learning brother
with help of moderators and many other knowledgeable peoples :+1:


IG growth via Mother/Child method, automation, scraping Emails. Try to work on that, improve your skills and I am sure you can make some money. Not sure about the “50-10$ a day per 2-3 hours of work” part tho :smiley:

can you explain me mother/child method pls

Learn how to code

Mother/Child method, shortly means that multiple child IG accounts are working on promoting Mother IG account and help it grows.

Here’s a great and detailed thread.

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which language ?

Python + Selenium

why python and selenium ?

It`s really useful, especially at black hat market.

But originally it will take some time to study

Most things will take some form of investment in time and/ or money, unfortunately.
Especially at the hourly rate you want. I would aim a bit lower and look at the skills you do have and fine tuning those.

Otherwise social media automation, coding etc as others have said.

Won’t be a get rich quick thing.

Don’t even bother asking man. I was told this was the place you would get help and find so many resources and I’ve been here for a few years and have yet to see someone make a tutorial of actually making money. The only tutorials are people saying they can make sooooo much money and that’s it. The only response is “this is the place where you will find everything” and “ it’s all here” but still yet to find an actual tutorial. Now if someone could help these guys and make a tutorial of making a measly $200 from scratch you’d be helping a ton of people.

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The problem with showing people how to do things is that the method gets over saturated and then people find a way to stop it.

Domain flipping
Crypto mining
Ecom - Just pay shipping.
Selling appcloner made accounts

Great at making money when no one knew. Now its very hard.

Anything that will get you $400+ a week for barely 10 hours work will not get shared.

The people that can do this spent lots of time finding their strategies and thats how they worked it out.

Would you be able to message the least one you care about and let me know and I could get an idea

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I would look into affiliate marketing and finding a niche you like. Then use mass emails or dms to promote.

Obviously you will need to learn copywriting and build a site to host the links. Some affiliate sites have the sales script with them. I used to sell fitness products.

Check clickbank or Google affiliate offers