How to make an artist have visibility in Spotfy's top playlists?


Does anyone here work with bots to do plays on Spotfy’s songs?

You should have a great traffic to link on Spotify.

Instagram Ads, Influencer Marketin, Youtube Ads

You should also find a collaboration with a great playlist with a lot of plays.

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I second this. Get social media traffic to Spotify

Wouldn’t advise bots under any circumstances. They will get detected eventually and the artist might suffer (albums in question taken down or even the artist removal).
It’s not worth it!

Besides social media traffic, you can also use micro job sites to get some initial manually done likes, comments, plays, etc

I was thinking today of something for Spotify.

It includes M/S method with around 100 accounts. 70 of them to do DM’s, 10 to do comments, 10 to like posts and dm at half the rate of the 70 accs and 10 to have the main acc in bio.
Get the account to 10k and promote hardcore the Swipe Up feature. If you engage a lot with the audience you could convert at least a few hundred a day from a story. It’s an impact that can boost your song in the recommended section of spotify.

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you can get more traffic from a lot of other platforms and by using a lot of methods
build up hes social media fans by sharing pictures new videos and new songs
pay for collaborations
pay to post hes songs on worldstarhiphop if hes a raper
there’s a lot of channels that you can pay to post your music videos in em that has millions of fans
if you have a page with +100k followers and you share your link you will get more plays right؟؟؟