How to make income from Facebook

How to use Facebook to make some income . I have experience with Instagram . And I want to try Facebook but I have no idea about it :grin:. Any tips to make income from Facebook

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I mean I feel like it would be the same thing? Shoutouts, brand deals, e-commerce, etc?

Posting to groups.

What kind of things to post . I am new to Facebook

CPA, business promotions…

You can use the search on the forum, there are some quite good threads about this topic:

Good luck to you @med_akli, hope you will find something that will work for you :slight_smile:

You can start with CPA… Check out this thread Make $100-$150/day with FB + Jarvee + CPA [ BONUSES INSIDE! ] It might help.

You cna check this thread as well about automating posting to FB groups:

Thanks so much . Can you advise which of offer I should promote . From experience I just want some examples :grin:

There are a lot of offers you can choose. for example: game/app installs, giveaways.

You should choose a niche you like, then try to find an offer you can promote. :slightly_smiling_face: