Make $100-$150/day with FB + Jarvee + CPA [ BONUSES INSIDE! ]

Hey everyone!

Quarantine season got me bored so I decided to write this handy guide to all of my internet marketers who want a cool side hustle to build while they’re stuck at home. :rocket:


  • An account in a CPA Network
  • Jarvee
  • FB Accounts
    Here’s the truth. Any automation software can work, but trust me when I say this, in terms of group scraping and customization Jarvee is by far the best for FB marketing. It’s extremely hard to warmup your account without getting it suspended without Jarvee’s settings.

Choosing a CPA network
Choosing a CPA network is tricky! If you’re not active in a CPA network yet, now is the best time to get started. :slightly_smiling_face:
For this method, my recommended networks are:

  • AdWorkMedia
  • CPABuild
  • OGAds
    These are non-referral links.
    Applying for these networks might be tricky for some of you, so if you guys get declined for any reason PM me here and I’ll get you approved in any of these networks. :wink:

Getting FB accounts
We need a lot of Facebook accounts for this, in fact - the more the better!
I get my accounts from a nice little Indonesian website called This website is a golden nugget. Why? They sell all kind of accounts for dirt cheap (even IG accounts). Search for fresh Facebook accounts (one of them sell 20 for $2.5), purchase them and you’re all set! By the way, I don’t know Indonesian as well, but Google Translate should do the job. :wink:

You don’t need fancy 4G rotating residential proxies for Facebook, which will make everything much more affordable. I buy my proxies from (not affiliated with them at all), but you can do your own research in terms of proxies.

Since you probably purchased fresh accounts, warming up your account is a slow and painful process. Start by adding your account and wait at least 1 day before doing any actions. Then, start liking generic pages (like Nike, Adidas, and Beyonce for example) and start interacting with your feeds (on day 2 I usually like 5 posts in a day). Increase the amount of likes every day and let it run for a week. Monitor your accounts constantly and make sure they look realistic.

And now for the interesting part! Go crazy with this one!
For starters, choose an offer and a niche and create a Facebook page for it (preferably a Facebook account that you have access to). Then use your account network to join groups and share the posts from the page to the groups (this is possible with Jarvee). Use the group scraping feature to scrape relevant groups.

Possibilities are endless! Here are some of my examples:

  1. Because of the Coronavirus you’re giving away free gift cards! (use incentive traffic for this, offers like “free $100 McDonalds gift card” should do the work.
  2. You’re looking for people who want to earn easy money by filling out surveys (use offers that make you money upon registering to a survey website)
  3. And a bunch more! Just use your creativity and you’ll get there.

Landing page
Here’s an important part, you can’t direct link to your offer in Facebook. You’ll need a landing page for this. My suggestions is to ask the visitor a few questions and then redirecting him to the offer link.
But, here’s another golden nugget: the best way to gather leads is to ask the visitor a few questions, and then asking him for his email. This way you can build lists, gather leads, and use these lists for future offers.
A good WordPress add-on to create those surveys:

My results in OGAds in a day:



I’m glad to see group posting and CPA still works today.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with giveaway!

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What kind of offers you promote from ogads

What groups do you target? Do the admins approve your posts when there cpa

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Not doing this actively, but I suggest weeding out all the low-end app installs. To some 10 cents may be a good cut, to me it’s not.

It also depends on what country you are targeting, some low-tier ones only have those, PIN submits (Switzerland :wave:) should be always the holy grail :slight_smile:

Hi there, OGAds is content locking network, which means that everybody has to go through a locker to complete offers. For OGAds, I used to run offers like free movies, tv shows, and sports games.

For example, Avengers Infinity War made me bank - I told people that I found the movie for free, they went to the link, and they had to complete a locker to see the movie for free. OGAds has movie lockers as well, which means lockers that are specifically designed for this kind of niche.

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It depends on the niche, but not all admin approve your posts, you just gotta deal with it and move on. I usually keep the groups that approved my posts in a list for future reference. It takes time to find the right groups but it’s totally worth it.

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You definitely have a point, however with OGAds a lot of offers get capped at some point, which means that if you disable too many offers, at some point of the day a user might see an empty locker, because the profitable offers got capped, and the non-profitable ones got disabled.

OGAds & CPABuild has a locker system that puts the most profitable app in terms of EPC first, so the odds of someone downloading an app that is last on the list are kinda slim.

Therefore, I don’t recommend disabling offers unless you’re targeting a very specific geo.

How many accounts were you running to get $100 a day?

How many posts per day to groups per account did you do?

For $100 a day I was running 50 accounts, all warmed up and were posting 3-4 posts per day. and were joining a couple of groups per day (can’t remember exactly how much, I think it was around 5-6).

I split tested a bunch of offers between a lot of accounts until I’ve found the most profitable one though.

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Thanks bro, did you bump the posts in the group?

Never bumped them although it’s a worth a try. :slightly_smiling_face:

How many accounts you run per proxy :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for sharing my friend, cheers!

In general nice share! Just be a bit careful with COVID19 and check upfront with the AM on your network if that´s fine as several CPA Networks like Clickdealer have already a 0-tolerance policy for this kind of advertisement. So better save as sorry - just as a note :slight_smile: Or just cloak it and give a damn about that :stuck_out_tongue:

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thanks for sharing… I use the same website to buy accounts too… :grinning:

That website alone makes this guide already gold.

thank you for sharing :pray:

How many accounts are you using per proxy? Is 3 accounts per proxy safe for FB?

Hi Can I ask a question?

Are you sharing the page post to the groups with the link in it to your landing page? Ive never had much luck because the link gets blocked after a while for me so nothing gets posted. Any tips on that?