How to make Pinterest drive traffic to my ecommerce?

I found a lot of people talking about Pinterest a good way and even better than IG to drive traffic to eCommerce websites, I am doing now few stores for me and some for my clients also.

So what you suggest to do for this?

does making tons of accounts and doing re pins for same niche and add links to my stores work? or what is the best way to do that.

Pinterest is indeed a great platform to drive traffic to e-Commerce website.

Creating many accounts, repinning still work in driving traffic to e-Commerce, but it’s not that easy either, there’s a chance Pinterest bans your accounts.

Are you planning to use an automation tool?

so what is the ban reason? to have a lot of accounts? or driving a lot of accounts to 1 website?

for automation probably yes if i will do a lot of accounts, i am trying jarvee but its bug like hell =_= till now its not showing my boards in the list to try repin, so mostly if this will not work will try different solution.

Blog posts that lead to capturing names or going straight to sales. If you search google or YT, you will see people that drove 100,000’s visitors per month. Most of it was done with blog posts. Go after long tail keywords in your blog post, with a few big keywords. When you get a little traction and engagement on the pin, then run ads on it going after bigger keywords. So, write a blog post on “How to train a border collie to stop barking.” Then go after dog training in ads later on. How to, and list posts do much better.

Keep in mind that pin traffic reporting is usually delayed a couple of days, and the traffic isn’t instant like FB or Google Ads. I have seen some immediate traffic due to lockdown, many times, people save a pin and go back to it later.

The only automation I would use is Tailwind. It is the only 3rd party app approved by pinterest, and you can push quite a bit through it. I have heard, no proof, that people that do mass automation with other apps are getting accounts banned. The easiest way to grow is keep pinning articles. Each article you can make 3-4 pins our if it. Just change the image, description and title, but the same link. Anymore than that could cause problems.


thats cool,
in my case i dont have a blog, its ecommerce website with products.

but will try to figure a way to do it as you said.

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No, they can ban your accounts for “spamming”. this is the email I got:

How many and what types of links were you using? I routinely run 3-4 pins per same post, with just a change in pin image, description and title. Just curious…

oh thats looks bad

i have only 1 website i test with this.
i make another account which i do only follow/unfollow and re pin
as jarvee not working for posting for some reason =/

If you follow the Pin rules you should be fine. Tailwind and Pinterest both have articles talking about how many pins per article. Stay within those guidelines, and no problem. My guess is people try to do way more, and they get hammered. Or their domain has been hit for malicious content before.

Can you send us those articles @MrBrad595 ?

Pinterest is long term thing. It could take half a year or even longer to see results. Public boards or many accounts words but impact is very low nowadays.
The most difficult is the beginning. I post ~10 pins a day with unique titles and descriptions. Now I have +20k folowers (~100 daily growth), 600-800 unique visits a day. But conversion rate is only 0.05 :smiley:

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The conversion rates on Pinterest are very low.

You are correct. It is a long game. The way I think of it is an extra. I create content anyway, might as well throw up a pin. Use IFTTT to publish a pin every time you make a blog post.

It is all free, takes a few minutes to set up, and if you even get one sale, then it is good.

I have found you don’t need to do f/uf, m/s stuff. Just post content with decent keywords, and you will show up in home feed and explore of your target audience.


what was you coversion rate

4.4m views converted to 7.2k clicks over 30 days, is that what you meant?

Conversion rate on the landing page was around 3%