How to make unique image?

What is the best way to make the same image unique so Instagram does not catch you for using the same picture for multiple acccounts?

  • I know about changing the hash/md5 with tools
  • There are of course batch image changers out there to edit the images, but what will make it unique? What options do I need to use as saturation and cropping will not always be good?

Does IG see the image as unique when you, for example, add black lines around the whole picture?
I want to use like 1 pictures for 50-100 profiles, now the big Q is how do I do that?

  1. Change Filename
  2. Add image filters (contrast/brightness, etc)
  3. Remove/Change Metadata + MD5 Hash
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rotate images 0.1°-0.6° either way
if using ps export using different compression methods(preserve details, bicubic, etc)
add small amounts of noise, clarity,
change perspective by very small amounts

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You download a free software called photoscape and you do it, it also allow you to bulk edit and change The id/hash&all of any number of pics you want and make them all unique.


How about the “Make pictures unique before they are posted” option in JV? How well does that work?

Every time you upload an image it goes through their machine learning model, this is how they create the “accessibility caption” which describes the content of the image. They must keep track of many other things regarding each photo.
Now if you’re familiar with machine learning you know that when training an image recognition model one of the techniques to increase accuracy is to use altered versions of the same image this may include cropping, rotating or adding noise. So I think they still can find out the duplicates no matter the changes you apply


small rotate + flip and google images cant reverse search it

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someone should create a free tool for ig pic editing and rotating already lol

  • Resize image
  • add watermark
  • change image colors
  • add filtre
  • change hash/md5
  • clear medata
  • and my secret suace is to flip the image (you can do it with photoshop)

bruh can you please do a quick youtube/ vimeo tutorial on this and post it on this thread ? it will be very very useful

you need a youtube tutorial to do do that??

Hi everyone,

I need to add to this topic…

I think I lost my accounts yesterday because I posted the same pic with the same caption to 60 accounts. Then again about 4 times after. 1 pic and caption of the same to 60 accounts… Is this what disabled them? But how do I avoid it? I’m new to this J since before I’d use my phone and do it manually.

Please guys if you have any time to reply with explaining how to not have my accounts disabled from posting then I’ll appreciate it more than you’d imagine.