How to monetize big Pinterest account


I am a photographer and one of my Pinterest accounts has more than 30k followers with 3m (from 2.9 to 4m ) monthly views. I am finding the best way to make money with this account.
This is a result for 1 year.

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If you have a blog, write a blog post about the tools you use to take the photos. Then, put affiliate links in the blog post (Amazon links for the camera, etc.). Then write mini articles about each tool (these are the best settings for XXXX camera). Use aff links there, too.I usually run the same blog post 8 different times with different pin images. Spread it out over a couple of weeks, or you can do a smart loop with Tailwind.

However you do it, with that amount of traffic, make sure you capture subscriber info, so you can have a ready audience. You don’t need to do email, but could use a free service like Many Chat for Facebook messenger. Everyone gets all nervous and frustrated with the changed to Messenger, but if you aren’t abusing it, it works fine. @vladimirapis


You can post affiliate marketing links (something related to your niche). With you can mask your links. There are many sources from where you can find great products. Thanks.

hey @MrBrad595 How would you suggest utilising the Many Chat tool? I am looking online to try and figure out how I could use this- Honestly it sounds way more effective than email…

You can set up a landing page inside MC, and give something away that would interest Pinners and tie into your product/service. Then drive Pin traffic to it. Run a series of messages to them, but be careful of the FB restrictions.

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