How to Monetize right?


currently I’m running about 15 Accounts, 3.7 Million Followers in total but I have a Problem. I get tons of shoutout requests everyday but it seems like I’m asking for to much.

As an example my 300k Travel Account gets 10k Likes in average, usually I’d charge 40-70$ per 24h but when I’m sending my rates most people and stores don’t even reply anymore. What would you charge per 100k Followers?

Thank you in advance!

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Do you send them a screenshot with the stats?

Yes, Stats are pretty good, no 3rd world countries etc. so theres no reason to not monetize on my plattforms tbh

Have you researched what similar accounts in the same niche are charging? That might help you with your price basis.

Also a ton of companies inquire about shoutout prices and then never move forward in my experience.

What precisely do you mean “per 24h?” are you saying the shoutout is taken down after a 24 hour period?

Yes, I take them down after 24hrs

The next 5 times, try this. Send them the stats with some explanation, about how great your account is bla bla bla.

then ask what they think its worth and what the want to pay for a shoutout. Then negotiate a bit and do some testing. I had some nice reaults in the past on this method and only had about 20% below what i allways wanted

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Sounds good, will let you know if I see some changes! Thank you!

Tell them which benefits they will get, and if they are still struggling ask them: ‘what would it take to make business with you today?’

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40-70$ for 10k likes on pictures is a good price, especially in a popular niche like travel. What @dma0245 said sounds really good try that out :+1:

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Hi. It depends a lot upon the country these followers are from?

So for example, if they are majorly from Asia? I wouldn’t pay the amount you’re asking for. But if they are from US? Shut up and take my money.

You got to target people from USA/UK if your niche allows that.

The majority of all my Accounts Followers comes from US/UK/Europe, pretty good stats in my opinion but that always was my main targetting goal.

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can you tell me niche of your accounts

Shoutouts is a nightmare, if you want to monetize right start selling infoproducts/services related to your niche and you will make a TON more

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As @Papadopoulus pointed out, try to monetize your accounts in other ways if you can, shoutouts is usually one of my last choices when it comes to monetizing. You can check this topic for ideas: How to monetize your Instagram account

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