How to refresh Boards list after Creating a New One

This is probably a rediculous question but uh

After i create a pin board I dont see it in the list of boards available for the pinterest account. Ive tried restarting mp to see if it would refresh… didnt help I truly dotn want to have to remove every account and re add them

Also give me the support email address because when i try to use ur form it gives an Error after hittin submit with NO reason why

Have you tried just syncing the account from Social Profiles? If this does not update it, the you can ‘remove and re-add’ the username of the account in Social Profiles>Account Details

As for contacting support, you can do it within MP Dashboard>Contact Support

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OMG thank you you know what my rdc window is ALOT smaller than the width of MP so i didnt even think to scroll it to the right for more options lol

Thx mommyfats

I lost my email i got when buying MP so ive lost the support email is there a way to send me it my email for this board is the same one i used on purchase

Are you referring to the welcome email? Please message me the email address registered to your MP

ok but first i uh dont know how to PM you here i must be blind

You can click on my username and from the usercard, you can click the message icon

Level 0 users can’t send pm’s :slight_smile: @mommyfats you can initiate the message and he can reply after that.

@Johnny, my bad…but I did message him earlier :slight_smile:

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Can you tell us what error does it give you exactly? Please include a screen-shot if possible. Because another client said the same thing yesterday and we want to check if something is causing it. I just tested it and it is working fine at our end.

The support email is: admin (at) Just in case you needed it in the future and the contact us form doesn’t work again.

And as @mommyfats said you can do it from MP Dashboard>Contact Support I included the email just in case you are not able to login to your Mass Planner for some reason in the future.