How to scale to $1 million per month SMMA

Feel free to take as your own, I feel like theres so much demand growing worldwide for businesses that need help with IG that theres little risk to my own business in sharing this. :wink:

  1. Easy to replicate services, such as, f/uf, auto scheduling, auto posting, automated engagement boosting

  2. Target Market, SME’s that already well established, have decent revenue and already spend lots on Advertising or Marketing. (main target businesses in Indonesia, as the market growth is insane here and I live in Bali now, and girlfriend is from here with epic network of business owners to leverage)

  3. Target profit per month per client $500 (working in New Zealand Dollars / or Indonesia Rupiah where $500 = 5 million IDR by the way)

  4. Plan to scale to 2000 clients with simple services within 2 years . 2000 x $500 = $1,000,000 / month

  5. Copy and paste whats working now and train small team to help manage.

  6. Hire team of sales consultants to get on the phone or door to door approach and close new clients. However many sales reps we need to close at least 3 new clients per day is sufficient.

  7. Create epic amount of testimonials from current and upcoming clients.

  8. Extra step, due to lucky circumstance. Get attention, articles written, and another video on biggest news outlets in Indonesia (already done last year with girlfriends current fashion business, and news outlets asking for more content from her.)

  9. Create reseller / whitelabbeling possibility for other influential people in Indonesia (or anybody else), to show off to their friends that they now own a cool new IG agency. We fullfill all the services and work for them, they copy and paste our systems.


Is this plan genius or crazy? or both ??



There is one thing that you have not counted on i am sure,

losing/leaving of the clients. Which will make the 2 years maybe much more. But good plan!

Is this the page 1 of the 300 page book?


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noob here, cant even add a gif…


That plan is nothing against mine. I plan to get the USA government on as a client to do Trumps Twitter marketing. You know how I’m gonna do that?




lol yeah, theres probably a whole bunch of stuff i have not taken into account for sure lol

Yes that is more outrageous than my plan.

We gotta have goals though right!!

lol you baited me to click your link anyways,

$500 per Client?
Big Companies already have their own Marketing Team and they want their Brand identity safe not broken using Automation Software.

So you can not go for Big Well Established Companies
Small / local business ( stores …etc ) will pay max $200 per month if they have no idea what Social media marketing is.

but hey, i like your Ambitions:slightly_smiling_face:

Wrong. I have a client paying $2k+ so it’s possible, you just need to find the right people which is easy if you

I don’t know why this is so funny :joy:


Target market is SME . = Small and medium sized enterprises. Not have to be big, but should be well established, so they not going to run out of money on me. Ideally they have a good working sales process so the new and extra attention we get them via IG is actually profitable for them too,

And yeah the clients I have right now all pay from $500 - $2000 per month. You just got to target the right segment and be confident / capable to get them results that make the spend make sense.

So the $500 we are aiming for would ideally be profit. :wink:

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$2000 per month ???
how many accounts you were asked to manage for them ???

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:slight_smile: meaning Copy and paste whats working for me now … lol copy and paste my Jarvee settings, with a couple adjustments here and there

Sounds like a plan but you have to consider that:

  1. The market for Instagram F/UF Automation is oversaturated at the moment
  2. If you just follow/unfollow you get shitty results
  3. “scaling” in IGAutomation is way more dificult than you might think

But you can make it happen. But i would suggest to read in this forum a little bit and maybe refine your plan :slight_smile:

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Only 1. But this is for doing far more than I ideally want to be doing / not possible to scale what I am doing for these guys, not easily. Doing all their copy, captions, sales, stories everything and most manually. Plus running ads and helping optimise their funnel. Plus being on call, for communications and educating them way too much. Not ideal, or should be getting paid far more than this for that. But its been great learning and good testimonial for future,

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Thanks :slight_smile: yes I am loving reading and learning in here, just joined today, amazing threads going on! I know theres going to be some complications for sure, but so far enjoying working through all the complications and road blocks ive hit thus far.

On complications - listening to Dan Kennedy this morning and he talking about complication is what most people hate to go into, and avoid the pain of it, and so those that are willing to do whats necessary to establish complicated and sound systems get paid big for basically being willing to take the pain that others are not. lol i like this concept. I like systems, and look forward to developing it.

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  1. Not true
  2. Not true
  3. Not true

How to scale to $100 million per month SMMA? Plan to scale to 200000 clients * $500 = $100,000,000 / month :smiley:


ok. your arguments convinced me bro

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bull…straight up false.

if sources and settings are good, so will the results

this is way true


I think its a little bit late for just a follow/unfollow service that was interesting when you would ve started 2 years ago. I came for myself to this conclusion. If you just offer follow unfollow you have to be very cheap about 40-60 USD a month. if you want to sell it online and have a competitive price. Of course you can use it as entry ticket and upsell other stuff (content,branding ads,landing pages, seo,…). But the instagram follow unfollow Automation alone wont earn you that much money cause more and more people know that you just install a bot. It’s something different when you have a network and can grow a 100k account in one month. Did not want to offend someone when i wrote “shitty results” but compared to someone who has a network and grows your account - just follow unfollow delivers poor results. So i think to have an interesting/attractive IG product in 2019 you have to have a network or come up with something more creative than just follow unfollow automation. You could do an account cleaning service and sort fake followers they bought in the past out for example.