How to scale to $1 million per month SMMA

If that is your experience, you got to look for the clients that vaguely know what you will be doing, but also know that they are better off outsourcing it to an experienced user in order to save them a lot of time and potential blocks. (if you want to comfortably charge $200+ in my experience) These kind of clients are rare though.

A phone call and decent sales skills will also do wonders to what you can charge btw.

For the ‘normal’ clients you should just charge the usual $60-150, these kind of clients are easier to obtain but will ask more questions


I agree I charge more. But I think having clients and offering them IG services is something different than creating a scaling product/service. for the next 5-10 years

in the marketing plans f/u still works great. be it M/S set up or even just f/u.

you f/u to get that network first – unless you purchase accounts –

I see where you come from, but the basics – f/u still work.


i know it works. But for me it also depends on what you wanna sell. do you wanna be a second-hand vehicle dealer or sell luxury cars :slight_smile:

So you bring 1 acc to 100k in one month, may I ask using how many slaves?

I bring 100 acc to 6k month = that makes 600K month.

Wondering what you consider poor results.

Also mother slave system is making Instagram a worst place for sure. And probably speeding up Instagram harder measures.

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I was not referring mother/slave bro i just meant selling follow/unfollow as a service. Haha and i dont bring accounts to 100k in a month. Not at all :frowning: (maybe soon) but congratulations this are awesome results. And i really did not want to offend you. Not by any means. I just started playing around and creating some accounts and try to keep them alive. And i thought about offering an IG Follow/unfollow Service befor i found this place :slight_smile:

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Your wrong.

I worked at a small car sales company.

Dude paid me $2000/mo at least - working full-time to do LESS than what I do now with the skills i have gathered since…

I think it would be safe to say, $500/mo is saving him a LOT of money

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Yeah your idea is totally new and groundbreaking, I guess nobody here knows it so you should delete this now!

This plan is hand down the best plan in the human history. Now scale it up to 200 million clients and now you’re the richest man in the world. Suck it Jeff Bezos!
ps. I followed his plan and accidentally making 5 million dollars per month
ps2. Okay troll aside, I think you’re too naive OP and you got a lot to learn. Dreaming is good but you have to be practical at the same time.


You CANNOT run a business like this charging $40 to $60 a month. IMPOSSIBLE. I stopped reading after I saw that. Growing accounts using F/U isn’t what it used to be. Set it and forget it is dead. You have to put time into settings, sources, etc…but most importantly time into clients. They are nasty little people and no matter if you charge $40 or $150 a month, they want to talk and if you don’t they will go NUTS. Ask companies of the past who scaled up big, but got crushed from reviews.

$40 to $60 makes me sick.


The problem I ran into when pursuing client management was keeping them from using their own instagram account when I am botting their account. A way that I could solve this problem was to set up a client website/area where they could view their instagram feed, profile, followers, and create their own posts. BUT that still doesn’t 100% stop them from logging on not to mention the resources needed to even set something like that up. ):

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Well they need to, both for better engagement with clients or just for peronal use. Shoudn’t be a big problem.

haha dude just go for! You’ll see where you’re going after three months, and then use what you’ve learned so far to adjust

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I have a 6+ year old SMMA. I’ve scaled from 5 clients to nearly 100. You will lose your mind going for 2,000 clients. I’m currently at around 45 clients and life is enjoyable. People will leave all the time, but you gotta keep that pipeline of new clients coming. That means advertising (paid and blackhat), email campaigns, looking in unique places, word of mouth, etc.


Hy Race44 thanks for sharing your experiences. I wonder what your thoughts on the market situation are? Do you have the feeling there is a lot of competition in this market or is it “easy money”? (ofc its something in between) Maybe you could tell us a little bit about your impressions?

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There’s lot of money in this market. I think that it used to be easy before but I also think it’s easy now. For different reasons. Before, clients didn’t know what you were doing but it worked. Now, clients know what you’re doing and may have tried it themselves, but still hire me to do it instead of them handling it.

If you do good work (over deliver, respond to emails quickly, provide quality followers), you can make good money. You have to get really creative in finding new clients. You’re going to lose clients no matter what you do. You just gotta keep that new client pipeline flowing.

A couple of the biggest clients I have, I’ve found by looking on Craigslist under market jobs and anybody who lists “Instagram” in their job duties. Email them and offer to do the work at a fraction of the cost of hiring a new employee. I also do paid advertising on Facebook, Google Ad Words, Instagram, Youtube, local media websites, etc.


Pursue your dream brother, its definitely possible. You will be amazed how many business owners are completely lost when it comes to social media and are stuck using conventional 20 year old forms of marketing. Its also about communication of the service you are providing. F/Uf is not an effective strategy for a business if your sources have no value/potential. However explaining to a business that you can reach out to hundreds/thousands of potential new clients/customers consistently IS an effective/attractive strategy for ANY business, especially when targeted correctly (F/Uf). Its not what you do…but how you do it.

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The Craigslist idea is excellent and I’ve heard it works from some of my colleagues. The f/u method still works well and at the end of the day it comes down to how you do it and what you “deliver” :muscle:

Having said that, please keep in mind that if done aggressively, the f/u can be risky too…

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Why would you say hes wrong

  1. Saturated? Instagram now has 1 billion users worldwide. LOL you kidding me, there are people starting this business with a 300$ investment and getting 20 clients in the first months.

  2. Follow / unfollow is the best technique for growth fast, period. Quality will depend on how nerd you are. I can guarantee you my results are top of the notch, learn how to use the filters properly and where to find your audience.

  3. Scaling is not difficult if you have a portfolio of clients in the SAME NICHE, and if you know how to marketing properly.


Just that you dont get me wrong.

1 Never said the market for IG Marketing is saturated. But the market for Follow/unfollow Automation as a service. Just google “more instagram followers” and look what comes up. And also Checkout the prices. But ofc IG Marketing in general is a gigantic market and will even get better when you dont need a store anymore and can sell via IG

2 its the best technique but better with a network. and people with a network can 1. deliever better results 2.offer a cheaper price 3.use their network for marketing and sales. And there are a lot of competitors with networks and people who sell e.g. 50 slaves for about 6$/slave/month or 5k organic growth/month for 700$ up to 100K organic growth a month. These are just much more interessting products for companys than just 1 automated account

3 scaling is not difficult i dont know. i would say that depends on the individual. but for me who just automated about 10 accounts in my whole life it is. It’s something completely different than just automating a handfull account. But i am working on it. And I am pretty nerdy too :slight_smile: