How to scale to $1 million per month SMMA


End of the conversation. :rofl:
I don’t know why I even waste time replying here.


Because i have a point.


And i suggest you to work on your social skills bro


1.- Mother slave delivers better results? LOL
2.- Offer cheaper price? LOL
3.- 5K organic growth for 700$? LOL
4.- More interesting products for companies? LOL



i dont even know why you feel offended. Maybe its a language problem. i know my english sucks. But i like it when i make you laugh :slight_smile: lol


Okay you got apoint there.

But, everybody is now spamming with Adult accs,doing mother slave, etc, etc. This means that there are almost more automated accs than real users competing for the piece of the cake. I am not saying that mother slave is not effective, quite the oppossite, it offers crazy results.

F/U on main acc even with conservative settings is a very risky move for your accounts engagement.

Scaling in my opinion is really hard, not in terms of clients, but adding more and more child accs and making them work will bring totally unexpected issues to your game. This issues will make you reconsider everything, such as the expenses you have vs the ideal ones (4G Ips + Real SIM cards) to be sure there are no issues.



I charge some clients $500 to just do likes and we grow about 800 to 1,200 followers per month (they don’t want to do F/UF). I do this for two of their accounts ($1,000 per month total). They are really big, corporate companies (annual revenue of $50M) with popular brand names in my geographic area so growth is unusually high for just doing likes.

Your fee is whatever the client is willing to pay. Don’t be afraid to ask for whatever price you want.


I don’t do mother slave system, actually I’m against it. It’s destroying Instagram. And it will speed up hard measures from IG regarding booting. 100 fake acc x 1 client it’s a completely a nonsense for me. Some idiot’s dont even know how to run it properly and send 40 DM in the same day to 1 single account. And yes you will face a lot of issues for scale it up.


Not true. Learn how to target, learn how to filter, and learn how to use MP correctly. It’s very easy to keep an engagement from 5% to 13%.

It will be risky if you interact with massfollowers, ghost followers and untargeted followers. That’s exactly what most of the nobs do when they find a high followback source thinking they hit the jackpot :joy:


I completely agree with you.
But getting high profile clients wont be easy for the normal JOE


Good point. I think I got that client in year 3. Then I used that client to get a lot of other big name clients.


This strategy is the best thing that ever happened to my business and personal brand since I can sell high ticket IG marketing packages and build my personal brand at insane rates.

If you know what you’re doing you also won’t send the same message to one person multiple times and also won’t have issues scaling up :wink:


Yeah you can cash hard on it. Not for me, I have some ethics and morals. :joy: (I guess)


Ethics and morals? What is better morally about follow/unfollow than mother/slave? Lol


100 fake acc x 1 client acc.
1000 fake acc x 10 client acc.
Etc. Garbage.


And? This forum is mainly about IG spam and growth lol so what’s the problem with spam accs all of a sudden?


Probably you are speeding up 100x times the hard hammer of IG on instagram booting. That’s my point. Appart of making IG an ugly platform with tons of SPAM.


Does anyone know the actual total market share of this?


so follow users and then unfollow them is not garbage in your opinion?