How to scale to $1 million per month SMMA


I’m with you on that. I’m referring to your standard f/u where 1000 to 2500 is standard monthly growth. My vote is everyone goes to $149 USD.


My pricing has been all over the place in the past 6 years of doing this. I used to charge $300 per account per month in the beginning and had about 30 clients. Turnover rate was sub 2% per month. Then I had a couple agencies hire me to do all their accounts (5-15 accounts each) and I gave them a rate of $180 per month, per account. Those plus more $300 accounts was nice, but I wasn’t growing. I realized that people were getting proposals from me but going elsewhere (I could see they were botting). So I lowered my price to $200 per month for the next few proposals and booked them all. Then I was scaling up nicely, so next year of two of proposals I went to $180 to sweeten it and I booked everything. Now I was up to nearly 100 accounts and still around 2% monthly turnover. Then I went on a run of booking a bunch of content creation and botting work, so I reduced botting rate on proposals to $150 per month per account (cause I was billing more on content side). Now base income was growing rapidly so I increased rate back to $200 per month per account. I’ve been there for the past year plus. Still scaling.

Long story short, do not charge under $100 when you can charge much more. I’m telling you from experience that the market is willing to pay $100+.


Thanks for sharing your numbers, very helpful.


Keyword in bio rarely provides enough sources for us… but yeah it for sure results in more quality engagements… are there specific markets youve had a lot of success with keywords in bio with? The other filters Im with you too… we ran a TON of data based on follow back and non-follow backs and 1.1 Follower/following ratio is where we saw a significant spike in followback rate.



Thats what we charge, $149


The mother slave thing is definitely interesting to me… but it obviously isnt a good fit for every business… is this mostly for celebrities and larger brands? I mean It’s probably not the best fit for the coffee shop down the street, budget aside. Or is it? I think this is on top because it could be another product offering to get to that 1M/mo haha

Also, I’ve had some clients request MANUAL following/liking/commenting. Been training VA’s and charging 800-1k/mo for this service. Can follow/unfollow about 200 per day super specific to Niche…growth maybe 30% followback rate so 700-1k new followers per month. The higher end clients requested it who are on TV or dont want the risk of following some weirdo etc for public lash. Anyone else have this request or try it?


AI image recognition has to be the solution here to analyse the user and posts, beating IG at their own game.
VPS costs are going to go through the roof!


Pricing on this would be expensive and IG already gives you basic stuff they are analyzing for in metadata IE Dog, sky, 2 people, etc.

Running images through google’s is even better, but also too expensive per client, ran the numbers. So that leaves us to create our own image recognition which is doable, just not my #1 on list of things to do this quarter haha ughh


Keyword in bio works wonders, you need to set up 1 or 2 scrappers for each account that’s all. But quality of followers will be “laser targeted” as I say :grin:

There’s nothing better than that. And no you wont run out of sources, again: there are 1billion Instagram accounts right now.



you sound like a spy from Instagram :joy:


So what do you do, just target the followers of like @instagram so you never run out of a direction for the scraper haha? Scraping power/speed isn’t the issue for us, Im just curious if you even use targets or how you direct your scraper to search for key words? Is it just going through every hashtag in history ? haha


What gave me away???!


You watch Tiger today?


Had to film this morning for a client, but watched the highlights!!! Epic day for him…and golf! Will be a fun year. #GoTiger


It is not a fit for every account. It would make no sense for a fitness studio on Ohio States campus. The only method to grow if you are scaling is F/U. With F/U you can grow any account anywhere (typically).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people on here praise their results…'I get +500a day, +800 a day with F/U" They fail to mention they are growing some hot chics account with just about any Indian dude out there (no offense to any Indian people). Point is, I preached this since I’ve gotten on this forum. If you want to scale you need to be able to grow an influencer account and that Coffee Shop in Wisconsin.


If you have ANY kind of celebrity, charge more. Way more.


Try growing a used car dealership near a military base…

I’m proud of those 150 followers a month.


ha! straight up. Let’s let the peeps on here who swear they can grow any account 500+ take a crack.