How to scale to $1 million per month SMMA


100x less garbage :joy:


I can see how you think, and i can agree a bit. Sure, it’s more spam then usual. But i think the market makes the demand. And demand is on that method too. More and more.


Yes, I agree is a great business in terms of $$$$, and new market, great opportunity if you manage to do it well as @Grummel1, but as I said there are somethings I don’t agree with this method, probably this forum is not the best place to complain about it LOL but, that’s my thoughts on it:


Sure IG will crack down on it as they always do with anything but general spamming won’t be affected by it imo.

This isn’t because of m/s, not even close. I bet you 90%+ of spam is CPA/client management/adult dating :slight_smile:

And in the end this decides. So why miss out on the cash if it’s going down anyways :smiley:


Yeah, kind of agree with you :slight_smile:

Adult dating the worst for sure.
Any id**ts doing adult dating here? haha just kidding.

So, returning to the topic of this thread: Let’s scale it to 1$ million per month!



I think as a theory, M/S is the perfect method. It keeps client accounts safe, and targeted users are directed to the main based on perceived value.

I get DM’s everyday from people asking me for fashion advice/tips/styling because my network drives traffic based on that. I help them, and they are engaged on my page because of that. This is the same for fitness/travel/health clients of mine.

But when people just say “AYO GO FOLLOW MY FRIEND @ranjeet KTHXBAI!” to target users, yeah that’s spam lol.


Wtf, You know Ranjeet??? My favorite cousin!


Ah good! Well he hasn’t paid invoices for months! Glad you can help me now! :wink:



Yeah well that explains why he hasn’t paid… I accidentally put @ranjet in the DM rather than @ranjeet… He’s gonna be so upset when he finds out…


What have we got here kripke?


1000% percent, This is exactly what I do and my clients are thrilled.


Spot on @mrsmith :ok_hand:

The biggest missing pieces in this plan are churn, processes and PEOPLE (Yes, I watch the profit and you should too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) Those are the things that you figure out along the way. And then the larger you scale, the more inefficient everything typically gets due to people and having to manage/track everything. Shit, the amount of time you spend just doing commissions for all the teams per month as a whole is probably as much time as I spent doing customer service by myself when things first started haha.

I do agree though, we all have to have goals @Francis …let’s just break them down a little differently as soon as you can get some of the data :slight_smile:

Things I would look at are more on a per person basis as soon as you can. To scale to that level, once you figure out how much one sales person can actually close per month (typically you are the first sales person so this is easy to determine… I would take whatever you did in a month and 1.5x it for someone dedicated just to sales), you make projections of headcount needed on that team to hit those goals factoring in churn every month (figure 7-10% of your clients churn every month in SMB industry if you are doing things well, if you get it <5%, you are absolutely killing it with product and service).

Then I would look at the same thing with Customer success/service. You are the first CS manager so you know how many accounts you can handle while doing all the other shit… I would probably 2x that for someone who is doing it full time. IE I managed 150 accounts myself when we hired our first CS manager, now each manager can handle about 300 clients with monthly check in calls and targeting needs.

Here is a rough example of projections if you are serious about this and scaling:


Can you show an example of one of your slave accounts for perspective here? Would love to see a solid set up that is providing good results like that :slight_smile: thank you!


What do you look for in your targets primarily to increase engagement as opposed to just the followback rate?


Keyword in bio, and some more filters like last post date, number of posts, number of followings, etc.


Ok. Whoever golfer4lyfe is, I’m telling you he’s serious. He had me at 'churn, processes and PEOPLE).

I’d add this: ACQUISITION, churn, processes and PEOPLE. I’d also add there is enough business out there for a lot of us to have 5000+ clients.

Now my question is: What is your philosophy on price. Due to client demands I preach this is a $99 to $149 USD business especially with all the costs for such an operation, but a lot of the guys on here have much lower pricing (as you can see).


This is a great question. I did a survey of market prices and settled on $99 but am considering offering multiple plans.

Like if a client is an established business already generating revenue the difference between $99, $150 or even $199 is going to be of little consequence for them.

But there are folks who are just starting their business and the difference between $59 and $99 might make a big difference in their decision to hire you.

The thing is, it ends up being about the same amount of work for us unless we offer more services with the more expensive plans but the core of the value of what we provide will be the same.

Curious to hear other’s thoughts on this.


Price is relative.

If you can grow someone by 50-500 a month, that’s different than someone that can grow you by 1,000 a day.


Yea price is relative to services rendered, I agree. Obviously follow unf with support I would believe is $100-$150 as it takes moderate time. Mother Slave would be $100s depending on your scale for it in rough examples.

People charging under $100 are just hurting themselves and all of us. I have found that usually people charging that low have no idea what they are doing though, and I get a lot of those clients then coming to me. I cant even count the amount of times I heard “I used X service for $50 and it gave me X shitty results and my account was all full of indian guys only etc.”