How to scrape all my followers?

The scrapping stops in between and starts giving me an error " No more results found ". Have you every scrapped all the followers of a User? can you tell me how?

What tool you are using to scrape? How many followers you are trying to scrape? And how many scrapers you are using to scrape?

You can also be blocked from scraping using API. You can go to SOCIAL PROFILE, select the scraper accounts you have, then click on ACTIONS ON SELECTED ACCOUNTS, then click on EXPORT API SCRAPE BLOCKS. You can see if you have blocks.

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JV… I am trying to extract close to 70K followers. I am using close to 100 scrappers.

I will definitely look into it.

you are most likely getting many API blocks

go to the Social profile tab → select the accounts that you are scraping with → Click on Actions on selected profiles → Click on export API scrape blocks then check that file.

What filters did you use? @SahibSingh

Good point. Filters could definitely cause that message, but also scraping blocks cause the message “no more results found” as well.

I am not using any filters I just want to scrape all the followers.

You can have a look at this:

This could help you extracting all the followers of an account without Jarvee.

Good luck!

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Are you using the scrape tools or the follow tool? It seems to me you’re using the follow and you didn’t set up your scrapers using the tagname method.

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yes ossi I increased my scrappers and I made progress.

that’s great, when you get no more results found from scraping it usually means the account gets api scraper blocks, jarvee will automatically use other valid accounts that don’t get api scrape blocks to continue scraping.

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appreciate your help my friend.

make sure to have a good number of scrapers to always avoid issues, when using the slave to main method I would say 3 scrapers per main should be good.

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I also suggest that you use a separate Proxy for your scrapers. Don’t add them on the same proxy as your main.

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Thank you I will keep this in mind.

Yes I will try to invest in more proxies thanks.

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