How to see how many people repined someone's pin?

Ok, so I’m new to Pinterest, but just a few days ago i was looking at some random pins, trying to learn about how Pinterest works. I remember that when i clicked on someone’s pin at the botton (below the comments section) it showed text like “+1.2k Boards” or something like that. By clicking on that text I could see who repined the pin. The issue I’m having is that the text is completely gone! I cannot find it anywhere,even if I click on a pin that i know has over 5k repins…

Is this just for me or anyone else is experiencing this as well?

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I’ll have to check this out on my accounts. Pinterest is by far craziest social network when we talk about making interface changes.

They make us cry at night :smiley: every week they change some random crap.

It’s already too late here to check this out now, but feel free to reply to my message here, just so you remind me to check it tomorrow.

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i find pinterest is pretty bad for seeing information on your pins. you can’t even see what times your pins were posted at. i know in the past you can see who reppined in and on what board, but i think this is gone now. i’m having a ton of issues with it as well, it changes almost daily!

If you could check, it would be great :smiley:

You were right, there’s no way to see who repinned the pins… Or at least I can’t find one. Pinterest makes some really weird changes lately… Incredible.


You can get a tiny bit of details from your notifications, it will take you to a “news hub” of a specific board, and you can see who repinned pins from that board

This is what the link looks like:

i’m trying to figure out if you can see the news hub for any board just by replacing the board number after news_hub

Im new to pinterest but always checking urls and found out that when you clicked on the number of saved/repined the url changed, just add /activity to end of pin url eg


Good idea. Didn’t knew about this :slight_smile: Thank you.