How To Speed Up Jarvee EB Lag/Not Responding

Hey Guys,

I am wondering if anyone has any tips for making Jarvee less laggy and more smooth specifically while using embedded browsers for automation. I have a dedicated server running Jarvee so I dont think its a hardware issue. I have read a little around here and some of the tips were NOT to use the group by tag feature and I did notice a little bit of an improvement in some areas but not that much.

Restarting every few days helps speed it up temporarily
I have the concurrent browsers setting enabled to limit the number of browsers working at one time
I have disable GPU acceleration checked
I have low framerate option checked

Its only using anywhere from 10%-20% CPU and 20-30% of memory.

Is there anything else I can do to speed Jarvee up?

How many accounts are you running in total? What are the specifications of your server?

How many primary and secondary EB have you set up in Settings / Embedded browser?

Those are the things that could affect on Jarvee’s speed.

how about free space on your VPS? do you have enough free space?

@Jaha Around 300 accounts right now, but even more scrapers. I think thats the issue is all the scrapers that are on it. I might have to switch to scraping outside Jarvee that would suck though.

32GB Ram

50 Primary EB and 20 secondary currently set up.

@Ossi I have about 150GB free SSD space on the server right now

You need more concurrent eb open. Yes this will cause more captcha if you are loading 4g proxies with lots of accounts though.

I run about 220 per jarvee and have 60 concurrent browsers. I had to turn off eb random actions on all scrapers as they will take up the concurrent actions.

My server is about 2x as powerful and what sorted it was upping the ebs. 50 isnt enough for 300 accounts especially if your scrapers use eb.


I see what you are saying, but I was referring to Jarvee being laggy and crashing or not responding etc. and being slow when accounts are using EB and how to fix this.

But I understand what you are saying, you are talking about accounts completing actions more on time right?

Also with your server that is around 2x more powerful are you having any of the issues I said above with lagging etc.?

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Yeah. I thought you meant that it wasn’t getting enough actions in.

Yeah, usually when I have to copy settings or add lots of accounts at once it has a spaz. The cpu and ram will be very low so think its a jarvee issue. I think 220-250 plus 1000-1500 scrapers is the max it can handle and even then it can be tempermental.

It could be that my server provider isn’t that good though. I am switching in a week or so and will know more.

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what does eb mean?

@heroeslair Alright please let me know once you switch if its any better :slight_smile:

@wanderingbillygoat It stands for Embedded Browser

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Okay so the embedded browser are you referring to the template that pops up in Jarvee or some other thing?

Yeah its the browser inside Jarvee that it uses to automate the social sites


Im using turnkey atm which I heard has pretty bad quality servers.

Let me know if you guys wanna try our servers:


Just a heads up there’s a few dead end pages on your website. The server tabs.

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Thanks, in the footer… Working on it.

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How many CPU cores?

The i7-4770 has 4 cores

My new server is definitely running jarvee smoother. I can change tags in the tools section fast, whereas it was slow with turnkey.

However when I try copy settings to 100+ accounts it will have a freeze for a minute or so.

New server is 24 core, 128GB ram

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Damn. Mind telling where did you get this one?

How many cores is your last set up with 220 accounts running?