๐Ÿ›  How to unban your Instagram Account correctly

They can. At least, you still get that email from them where they request the picture. I have one of these and Iโ€™m trying to unban it right now too.

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yes i have been trying but no success with any unbans yet on 13 profiles

Can somebody just tell me if Iโ€™m supposed to fill out forms daily regardless of if I already got the picture request and send the picture in? Or do I need to keep sending the same picture as an answer to that email?

same for me, is that a problem?

So, they changed everything in the meantime. Now they totally limit the account name. You cant even do it once a day, you get a message that its spam and you cant send out the form, and now a day later it still says the same. I tried a different email and IP, same. Only if I enter a different Instagram name, it sends out the form. Which means, this method is basically dead.

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@schoko @HenryCooper is this true? If so, the recap service wouldnโ€™t make sense then because appeals are being submitted daily for the same account.

Just wanted some clarification.

Update 10/9/2022
They donโ€™t answer you and send you the code

stop bumpin old 2018 threads, shit ton of stuff changed smh


Any update? Bro

Even if I try to recover, this problem occurs.

Canโ€™t request a review
We cannot review the decision to deactivate your account.
Either this decision has already been reviewed and you have decided not to reverse it, or it has been 30 days since your account was deactivated.

hey when i try to fill up the forms it said โ€œthe decision to disable your account canโ€™t be reviewed. this is either because weโ€™ve already reviewed it and decided that it canโ€™t be reversed, or because more than 30 days have passed since your account was disabledโ€ and trust me ive been filling these from weeks and weeks but no response this is useless ughhh

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So this needs to be the email of the instagram account ?

(4) Your beautiful E-Mail

providing this service to others for free, so was wondering if i need to use their email or can be used any email

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Registered one