How to use Cookies in Jarvee and for what purpose?

Any information related to using cookies with Jarvee is welcome As:

Why do we need to use Cockies in Jarvee?
How to import the cookies and the session from browser to Jarvee?
How To export correctly ‘‘best practices’’ the cookies from Jarvee?
Maybe How to use the cookies imported from Jarvee with browsers if possible?!
What is The API Cookies?
Cookies vs API Cookies, what Difference?
Cookies Expiration date, what importance? What date to set?
Thank you in advance guys & glad to be here

The answer to all your questions is: using the beautiful search function.


The post you shared is a great source of some basic information but it does not answer any of my questions!!
I searched everywhere not only in the forum before asking!!
Thank you anyway!

When you read the entire thread carefully you will find answers, at least on few of your questions.

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Yes, I can see That, but still, haven’t got the answers am looking for, the discussion is more likely related to the correlation between Cookies and the FBE, so it’s not as deep as what I’m looking for, If I get the info elsewhere, I will put it here!
Thank you @roy


I have Sent you DM