How we can bypass gmail phone verification no.?


I need lots of gmail account id for my marketing for that i am using vpn service for creating gmail account but every time it asking for phone verification that i can’t bypass can anyone tell me ?


You can’t.
Buy the accounts.


What’s a reliable Google PVA provider? (I use if for GMail sending)


Asking for a friend as well. :joy:


Also looking to make a lot of Google Plus accounts for Google Reviews on businesses.
I have Canadian Proxies since it’s a Canadian business. However, I’m unable to get passed the Phone verification even though I’m on the embedded browser.
Anybody selling google plus accounts in bulk looking for like 120+ accounts, or a solution to this problem.
Some people told me use a Japanese VPN however, I don’t know how to open this on the embedded browser and I don’t want to create accounts outside of this proxy since that will leave a trace and most likely get them banned.