How will you grow a Health account?

So i just got my first Health client in the health Niche? She already has 10.6k and good engagements with her account and it’s a personal account am putting down plans on growing it and how to, but since i am charging just $150/PM i can’t do M/S with her and she does not have enough for that now. What strategy will you suggest is the best am trying to at least get her to 13k to 15k in our first month together so i can at least increase the price later on, and also for refferal purposes

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If you gain someone 3 to 5k real industry relevant followers without M/S in a month I’ll be truly and utterly astounded.

That being said, I can perhaps share some insight. Send me a direct message and we can chat further.

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Hahha. Alright bro

3-5k is pretty much impossible organically, especially for $150/mo.


In a month you can get around 1K organically


With Follow Unfollow?

Ya this for sure

You’d need a 70%+ follow back ratio on all sources to hit anywhere near this with F/UF currently.


Ya i guess especially because of the new Limit, else manually unfollowing and following could do 2500

There’s no foul in not taking jobs that can’t pay man…

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Hmmmmm well maybe but so what’s your suggestion?

hi, as a newbie here can I ask what is $150/PM and M/S?

$150/PM is $150 per month charged for services to promote the client’s Instagram account.
M/S = master / slave or sometimes called M/C mother / child method. In this method the promoter create multiple slave / child accounts and grow them using follow / unfollow method, and in the bio / profile link mention the master / mother account. The slaves / childs also send DM (direct messages) to their followers to follow the master / mother account.


thank you for the answer, another question :smiley: do you use this M/C method with bots?

Target healthy lifestyle accounts. Like vegans etc. But 3k in month is not possible. Unless if you buy some followers. :wink:

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Yes, for M/C bots are used with DC IPs (Datacenter IPs) as the childs are disposable and we need to keep the cost as lower as possible. Also if you lose few child accounts, you just replace them. In this method the more childs you have the better growth your main account will get. So go with the cheapest options.

Combine it with some fake followers, but good quality that will stick and won’t drop much.

As @Connor_Lipke already stated above it’s almost impossible to gain 3-5k in the first month with this budget. I’d charge $1500-2000 for this growth.


That’s a horrible advice. Fake followers will kill the account.


I think he was reffering to the child accounts, so they dont look like complete bots, and not the main account.

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