How would you recruit new creators, influencers into a subscription-based platform?

I am curious about this. How would you recruit new creators, influencers into a platform where they can sell content, and earn money from a monthly subscription? What would you do, to contact as many creators as you can?

What methods would you use on social media?

I am looking for some advice about this and also I am curious.

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subscription based as in OnlyFans you mean?
or do the creators have to pay to enter as well? :grin:

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Yes, I mean it like OnlyFans.

Creators can register for free and get paid.

Are you the developer? If so, here’s how I’d see it:

I’d focus on making the platform as attractive and user-friendly as possible…

What attracted creators to vine? to tiktok? (the video editor + integrated music?)
what about onlyfans? bandcamp?

I’d think about the niche you want the platform to focus around. I’d imagine this would be your best shot nowadays. And work from the niche to get the particular creators in the field involved while creating a great experience for the fans to interact with the creators…

My 2 cents.

@richdaddy honestly if there was a better Platform than OF out there I would switch to it in a heartbeat! You don’t even have to recruit me. They have so many opportunities and issues, constantly trying to fix things, but never happens. With that said I would say if you even just mirror it but make it all better and functioning the way it should, user friendly etc. with a lil marketing and targeting OF creators, you be golden. OF doesn’t have competition as far as type of platform unlike IG Twitter TikTok…

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Thanks for your points. What is the biggest issue you have with OF? What would you personally improve on the platform to make it more user friendly?

@richdaddy Ops I missed that…where do I begin, it’s one issue after another. I use OF primarily on my phone and a lot of the functions are always down. Example: the sending message to people that voted on a post is not working right now. Mass DM was down till recently, not showing posts statistics another issue. When I set up draft posts doesn’t show them in tab, you have to constantly refresh. You can’t edit photo on a post, only if it’s in a DM which is weird. The stories set up are by far not user friendly, you can not add text or edit a story if it’s vid only on photo and on photo if adding just a text it’s cumbersome…so many triggers of frustration every time I use…hope all makes sense…I guess if you are not a creator on OF may be hard to understand the above but let me know if any questions
Also not sure if that type of content could go on an app vs browser from security and legal reasons but worth checking on this, browser experience is not the best, u have to refresh constantly to see if new notifications tho it should show them regardless so it could be just OF issue not browser but again am not familiar w the IT/tech side of things