How would your ideal social media management and marketing tool look like? Go crazy!

Answer as many of the following questions as you feel like answering (or just answer the title question):

What does it do for you, what problems does it solve?
How does it work, what features does it have?
How does it help you save time/money/energy?

I would love to hear how a completely reimagined would solution look like, which means I’d appreciate not thinking in terms of existing tools, although that’s fine and acceptable as well.

If you’re already using some tool, what is it missing?
What could it do better?
Are there any two or three existing tools you would merge to get there?

What is more important to you, simplicity or completeness of features?

As I said, answer whichever one of these you like, any answer is appreciated.


Ideal for me would be to have a “make money button”, if this button is in your social media management tool, there’s no need to add anything else.

You said go crazy but I don’t think I went overboard, I will let my partners give more interesting ideas.

  1. Everything I want, Automated!

  2. Crossplatform Posting. - Example Use post from Twitter and post on Instagram(Only the Image). Or Use from Instagram and Post on Facebook(Image/custom text), or use from Facebook and post on Twitter and Instagram.
    (no tool right now can do this).

  3. No Account limitations, Pay per Machine only. (More money would be made, More Licenses would be sold)


you should check out IFTTT or zapier :slight_smile:

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About 2 - you mean like grab a Tweet and post the image from it on Insta, and maybe use the tweet text as the Insta description?

About 3 - while I agree in principal, people abuse this a lot, I think that’s why MassPlanner got shut down.


About 2. Yes

About 3. Yes, very sad.

What does it do for you, what problems does it solve?

For instagram:

content scheduling made easy - content type A x scheduled on mondays, Content type B for tuesdays…
targeting local vs global options
rotating through sets of 3 hashtags for each Content Type
(input my different sets, associated for each type and let it do its thing)

Hashtag set maker
input various sizes/categories of tags
let it automatically create a different set every time

simplicity is more important to me





Deep integration with

That’s all I want on top of MP :stuck_out_tongue:


interesting, how are you implementing it? )

Cool, a hashtag set maker makes sense.
Just curious, why 3 only hashtags, don’t you think at least a few more is better?

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I phrased it wrong.

Yes. What I meant was having 3 sets of different hashtags lol

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Interesting. How are you using Clarifai? :eyes:

Hey @mindeswx give us an example of a common action you are automating with zapier/ifttt

You can start by making those Follow/Like actions per hour automated. I just want to set the hours and let the program do the rest. The software needs to know how to warm up an account and increase actions daily randomly.

When it hits an action block it should automatically slow down actions per hour.

It should have 4 presets: light, medium, hardcore, :fire:superspam :fire:


Software in which I give the number of accounts, niche, I click start and the software creates accounts itself (or uses already owned ones), finds content, deals with interaction with other accounts (f / uf, likes).

You just have to wait when it will be profitable and sell :slight_smile:

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And when one Server is Full the Tool Automatically reproduces his self and buy A new server alone with the already made money, Install his elf alone and start making money again! In 5 years everyone of us need a Datacenter! Of course the tool will manage this and call Companies to build it!


I am not, but this is a dreamy thread :stuck_out_tongue: so my ideal tool would have clarifai integrated so it could be better at automated comments by detecting & recognizing the images :wink: should result in a lower margin of error and better comments.


Haha one could dream… MP x Clarifai codewise probably possible, I’d guess because the free version is only 5k API calls… they would have ask users to pay also for Clarifai :stuck_out_tongue: