How's everybody doing with Tumblr?

Hi there!

I just thought that I’d check in to see if anyone is using Tumblr as a marketing/promotion platform and how it’s working for them?

I’ve had a Tumblr account for several years and did very little with it until a couple of months ago.

I’ve begun posting comments on Tumblr and and I’ve tried some of the usual follow-unfollow techniques and I’ve noticed that I had reached my 5,000 following limit and now have only 532 followers to show for all my efforts.

So I have presently I have stopped following and am unfollowing manually all non-followers at the rate of 300 per day.

I’ve actually noticed that I’m attracting just as many followers doing nothing as when I was following/unfollowing.

So obviously I’ve been doing something wrong.

I’d be happy to be pointed to any good reference materials on marketing on Tumblr and I’m open to receiving any advice from anyone on this forum who has marketing experience on Tumblr.

Thanks in advance.