💎 HQ Aged + Scraping IG accounts | BTC, Paypal | Starting from $0.35 per account

Greetings MPsocial ! I’ve been doing M/S for a long time and during the same period I’ve learnt how to create good quality IG accounts . These are the accounts that i have been personally using without any issues. I have a good chunk of them left that are more than enough for my own use. All the accounts were created in Q1 of 2019 so they are already aged.

Features -

  • Accounts were created in the 2019 (mostly in Q1 of 2019)
  • Different Mobile, residential IPs were used for account creations
  • Warmup of these accounts is highly recommended.
  • Emails attached to the accounts are - onet.pl and rambler

Types of accounts -

1 - Blank accounts (1+ year aged) - $0.6 each
2 - Full profiled accounts with few posts (0-100 followers) - $1.0 each
3 - Full profiled accounts with few posts (100+ followers) - $1.8 each (perfect for Like exchange)

This is how majority of accounts look like -

BUY NOW - https://shoppy.gg/@tux

Refund Policy: All sales are final. I am not responsible for the actions that you will take on those accounts. Please do not buy the accounts if you are new to automation, I won’t be able to guide you step-by-step

Support - Please use shoppy platform only to create support tickets. No DM’s, skype or telegram unless you don’t get a reply in 24 hours. Support works from Monday-Sat (9am-6pm IST). Whatever issue you may have will get solved, so just have patience and work it out with support.

Review copies - I will be giving away 20 accounts as review copies. Please write " I WANT A FREE ACCOUNT" on the thread and I will send you a fully profiled account .


These are old accounts and they will require EV on first login (unless you get binary files). Do not buy the accounts if you are looking for accounts that will go straight up valid (without binary files).

Reviews -

I can also provide accounts in binary accounts format/ api + eb cookies for your favorite software. This can only be done only for big orders - 100+ accounts. This can potentially save you hours in getting accounts valid !

PS: Since majority of instagram accounts are coupled with onet.pl emails and now onet.pl has started disabling accounts, we might not be able to provide original creation email for some accounts. If you face email not working issue, kindly raise support ticket at our shoppy support desk and support team will change the account email for you.

BUY NOW - https://shoppy.gg/@tux


1. How to solve get help loggin in -

There is huge thread of it here on mpsocial, here let me save you time with the solution - Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

2. What if the account only has phone number and no email prompt for EV ?

Don’t worry my team will attach a new email to the account and verify it. You just need to open a shoppy ticket. This sometimes happen with IG (onet.pl banned some of the emails that we had with them as mentioned above)

3. What if there is some other issues with the accounts ?

Just open a shoppy ticket and we will get you sorted. This has to be done within 72 hours of purchase though.

4. What if you’re not receiving emails from IG on your email

You should try to reset the password once (don’t reset the password just send reset pass request) , then IG will start sending email instantly to your mailbox. Its an IG error not on me. Check all the folders for emails from instagram and not just inbox.

5. Do you provide invoices?

We can provide invoices for purchases of $50+.

6. Do the emails work with pop3/imap ?
Onet.pl - Doesn’t work with pop3/imap unless you use a polish ip
Protonmail - Doesn’t work with pop3/imap
Yahoo - Works fine
O2.pl - works fine
Gmx - works fine


Thread approved.

Seller provided 2 accounts as part of approval process:

  • Fully profiled account with few posts with >100 followers. Account got VALID status immediately without any issues.
  • Blank account 1 year old. After trying to login, I was asked to confirm email, which is nothing odd when you consider I’m logging in from totally different location and device. After confirming email, account went to VALID state.

Good luck with the sales!

Thanks for the approval @Adnan

I will be giving away 20 accounts as review copies. Please write " I WANT A FREE ACCOUNT" on the thread and I will send you a fully profiled account .


Have been buying accounts from @tux for awhile now. Great person to work with and always quality accounts.

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I want a free account! :slight_smile: thanks so much!!! @Tacos

I WANT A FREE ACCOUNT. The blank .60 one if possible

Thank you

I want a free account. Thanks :smiley:

Also let me know what your inventory will be like…will you be creating more?

Bought 60 accounts a month or so ago. Quality, aged and semi-grown (followers were between 100 and 800). All of them are working as scrapers and LE for me with no issues. Came over as binary files, easy upload to my servers.

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Thanks :slight_smile:


Bought the last one to test but the email password is not valid.

Thanks for the review @joshdeor. I love working with you !

Pm sent !

Pm sent !

Pm sent ! I have 10k+ accounts in stock so you don’t have to worry about the stock. I can create more if somehow those aren’t enough :grinning:

Thanks for the review @Race44 . You’ve always been so kind !

pm sent !

pm sent !

Fixed mate!

I have learnt alot in my journey with social media from @tux

Definitely one of the most knowledgable people when it comes to instagram and we can expect great quality accounts from him. He have been managing things really well afaik with a massive chunk of quality accounts.

All the best for sales bro :+1:

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I WANT A FREE ACCOUNT if possible, looking forward to purchasing for a few clients under M/S as well.

@proxified is someone who doesn’t need any introduction. He is humble, honest and one of the best persons to work with. Thank you for the well wishes my friend , it means a lot !

Pm sent !

I Still have a few samples left. Get them before they are gone !!

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I have been working with tux for near enough 4 years now. One of the most trustworthy and hardworking guys I know.

His accounts are top notch and if you are running any operations like mother slave or need accounts to grow I would definitely recommend this guy :sunglasses:



Thanks for dropping by brother !

Free account sent !

I still have a few samples left. Get them before they are gone !!

I want a free account, preferably profiled!