Hypeauditor group purchase - cheaper for everyone

Hypeauditor is a great tool but it is expensive.

I would like to know who is interested in participating in a group purchase of a subscription plan.

If four people join this, it would cost $165
for each one for a premium plan.

@customlogovideos, @LanceParrish,
what do you think of this?


is there any spots?

I created 3 accounts and I am getting report for myself and 2 competitors, but this is a pretty good idea. Curious to see what will happen here. hypeauditor is great.

I don’t speak english very well. Could you please explain what do you mean?

Are you a subscriber of hypeauditor?

If its available already, I would love to join!

75 reports is crazy tho

Is it one search per report?

It is hypeauditor discovery module where you can search influencers by engagement, location, quality, contact, audience gender and etc. If you want a deep info about one influencer, you have to spend one of your 75 reports.

75/4 = 18 reports by month for each one, if 4 people share the same account.

You can book a demo with hypeauditor before join our group purchase.

See some screenshots.

Just know all of you will see all the reports done by everyone else. There’s also a cap on how many discovery searches can be done/exported on the account per month and it is pretty low if you’re factoring a lot of people into it. It usually is somewhere in the ballpark of 60 exports per month depending on the number of records in the export. That means if there’s six of you, you’re limited to 10 source exports a month each…assuming no one is a dick and uses more of them so the rest of you are screwed in the process.

The only way you bypass those restrictions is by paying for a full year in advance.

Just to clarify… there is no limit on the number of discovery searches. They limit the number of times you export only/ but you can copy / paste from the browser into Excel and easily capture what you need there.

Well noted. These limitations are bad.

Can we do a discovery search on the free trial?

May I ask how exactly you guys are putting this tool to use?

Yes. You can. But it is not a trial. You schedule a demo and it works for one day.

We are still formatting the idea and the best way do it. Some guys here have made some considerations about the limitations on the number of csv and reports. Since the intention is a group purchase, we have to try to think of all the possibilities of being good for everyone and how to control it if someone crosses the line.

Has anyone thought of reaching out to hype auditor and asking them to limit the amount of exports and reports per user?

I think they wouldn’t do it. They charge for reports. When you exceed the 75 reports you have to buy more.

ok im down lets do it

Looks interesting! Does anybody have a sample of how that 18$ (full) report looks like? :slight_smile: I would appreciate :slight_smile:

Interested aswell in seeing full analytics :wink: