Hypothesis: PV wave avoiding

So i was thinking the following…

I got hit with a PV wave, seems almost like a monthly thing. Childs on DC’s since especially for new childs mobile proxies seem to unstable triggering PV after PV daily.

Could you possible stop a PV wave by setting the settings to ‘stop tools when x accounts get PV’? I’m testing it right now. Since you’re working with childs it’s highly likely it’s super easy for IG to interconnect them cause they are connected somehow to the main.

Are PV’s triggered anyways without actions being done surpassing some limit? (so it doesnt really matter to stop accounts prior to a PV hit) Or does it come when for example it’s about to happen but just waiting to just that extra action to be done.

sorry if it doesnt make sense, but i’m checking now wether the accounts that got auto stopped are going from valid to PV needed or just staying valid.

Happy to hear some input.

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Problem will be PVs are not instant. You do your actions, you trigger the PV, but it comes a day or two later.


I do not really agree with this, as I got many PV these last weeks,

And a PV can be triggered and appear instantly. Simple example : when some accounts do their first “Follow” and got instantly PV, it’s because of the follow they just did.

  • However, it might be triggered AND appear later on, as you said, why not. But in this case, you will never know if the PV comes from yesterday when you change the settings, or from 5 minutes ago, as you warm-up the account and it finally increase its day-to-day actions more and more, so you can expect that it’s more likely gonna get blocks (or maybe PV ?).

  • From my side, I noticed PV are more related to a proxy miss-use than from “over-use of a tool”.

When your proxy has too many acc, for example… It can expect PV.

  • IG is really GOOD at tracking your slaves, of course. I once got hit by a PV wave for my whole slaves, during the same night (24th of june), hitting 30 slaves on my laptop with a Jarvee on my own 4G dongle & a mobile proxy, and hitting 40 more on an OTHER computer, on a VPS, with an other Jarvee license, with OTHER proxies (DC and mobiles). They all got hit except 6 : the ones that were CREATED differently than the others.

  • I do believe account creation is REALLY important. IG must have found many patterns in common on my slaves coming from the same process of accounts creation, and just wave’d them with PV.

After you’ve been reading this, I hope you will not rely on only 1 method to create your accounts :ok_hand:


@oneoneseven To reply to your question, i would check “Stop accounts if XXXX got disabled”,

But as i already tested it, this function is buggy. It will turn OFF all your accounts if only 1 or 2 accounts are in PV, and not even from “today”.

I had to constantly turn back ON all the accounts, eventho i didn’t receive PV. Try it out, but it pissed me off pretty fast.

You are right. There are both. Instant and delayed PVs.

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That will not fix your problem. I’ve tried that and I got hit even if I had the accounts stopped.

It’s too early to say for me if stopping them before the wave continues, is helping. Since I only restart about 4 each hour it take a while to get everything back on track unfortunately.

How do you not get hit anymore? Or is it just russian roulette?

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This is all great, but it assumes that Instagram is working perfectly and exactly as they intend it to, which I don’t think is the case. Further I don’t think that any management software is working at 100% efficiency since the updates either. Tracing the reasons for blocks is going to be a futile effort at this point. I think they’re arising both in a delayed fashion and also in an instantaneous one circumstancially.

The reason I would suspect that it can be either a delayed implementation or an instant one is because Instagram has different messages for the same thing. Namely:

  • Action Blocked - This action was blocked. Please try again later. etc…
  • Action Blocked - Based on previous use of this feature, your account has been temporarily blocked from taking this action. etc…

Perhaps the second message above has more to do with some kind of monthly limitation whereas the former has to do with a daily or weekly limit breach.

P.S. I think if you set Jarvee to stop all accounts after x action blocks you’re just going to give yourself a headache. I’m pretty sure it’s referring to accounts being completely blocked as opposed to individual tool blocks in any case.

Stopping them before would definitely help, when it’s a proxy PV triggering issue. What is active on the proxy at the time of the wave would got ban. But if an acc is on the proxy, but not doing anything, like “stopped” tools, it won’t get PV.

Already experienced that !

@denis1 Then again how would you know it’s a proxy issue?

I’m noticing my other server barely being hit although they have the same way of creation.

So I’m unsure what’s triggering. Back in the day i knew it was the spam commenting which would get connected accross all accounts.

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This is true.
Proxy miss use is one thing.
I also experience PVs appear due to connection related matters.
Like when switching geo location or changing from one subnet to another. This could also concern change of ISP.

But another small input, changing device also triggers PV / EV

When overdoing actions on automation, that does normally reflect blocks not PVs.

Your observation is indeed relevant.

But how can you make sure it’s not about the proxy. I have DC’s from a certain provider. How do I make sure PV’s dont get triggered by mistakes on their side?

I’m checking if i can ‘avoid’ a coming PV by manually doing different actions through the EB assuming IG triggers a PV due to an overuse of the same tool or patterns.

Is there a way to clear the accountcreation cause that causes possible PV’s? Maybe resetting the device or clearing cookies so Instagram thinks it’s new?

Just brainstorming here. It doesnt seem to be discussed much and I assume they implemented the function of suspend account when xx amout gets PV for a reason.

Do you have the possibility of testing on your own device? I mean if you got Jarvee running on your personal computer too. Take like 2-3 of the account which are hit by PVs, set these accounts to run in your jarvee on your personal computer, use your mobile data as hotspot. Start slowly doing actions and if you can confirm that the PVs stop appearing, then this could be an indication of you having proxy issues.

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Because when you play with many proxies and many accounts, you easily notice, weeks after weeks, accounts that got PV’s are mostly sharing the same proxies

Test it out and see !

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Are you doing childs method? If so, have you or are you using sims instead of PVA services?

I did not find any difference between dedicated SIMs and PVA online services… 90% of the time if it got PV, for me these accounts will most likely die pretty soon with a high risk to get PV again :confused:

If they are new, they’ll die

If they are a bit older, they might survive.

From my own experience, again

@denis1 I’m considering buying Sims though. If a wave costs me about 70 dollars with all childs, might aswell just buy sims i can reuse. Trying to be cost efficient here.

I’ve yet to have one die due to a PV. Usually they die in combination with blocks and certain actions when not aged enough

Yes before I don’t think it mattered, I was creating all accounts from the same ip, didn’t care about anything and never had problems, but now you can’t do that, they got blocked or deleted

Making accounts with the same IP is bound to get troubles soon.

I’m manually making them with a phone with a factory reset everytime. It’s odd though that only a part of my childs get hit and other arent. Although they share the same provider of DC’s.

But yeah it’s been kind of a monhtly thing. IG cleaning up trying to get the russian headless bots out leaving marketeers recovering each month. At least in my case.