I am doing marketing on two Pinterest account and my stats

New to Pinterest Marketing.
I have more 16 followers on one with 43 monthly viewers. (social media marketing pinterest account)
On the other one
I have 0 followers but 243 monthly views. (game and animation pinterest account)

Which one has the most potential and I should focus on more?

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Numbers are i credibly small to make a difference.

So… whichever one makes you happier.


I’d think about moving over to Instagram or Tiktok since the results are pretty small in monthly views. I use to know a girl who got amazing results on Pinterest but many of her accounts got banned. She like reposted crazy amounts with automation haha.

But with Instagram automation, you can get dozens and sometimes even hundreds of link clicks on your account (thousands of monthly profile views). I’d say keep testing things and when you find something that works, then double down on that!

I do instagram automation. Instagirls obviously get clicks because a lot of them post content just to show off their goods. lol no offense to a lot of the female here.
I am marketing on pinterest to grow my audience and I heard pinterest is a market that is not is not overly saturated compared to other media sites.

Pinterest has the highest order converstion if your aim is selling products. For the cpa, cpc, choose IG. Did you use automation bot/software for the Pinterest?

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The only automated software I use for Pinterest is Tailwind. For IG I use Jarvee.
I recently bought a udemy course on social media ads

This is my 2 cents…

You have to look at who the average Pinterest user is… it is women, who have money, and spend it. You can find the stats on average order (it is higher than any other platform).

You need to get a couple 1000 monthly views and then see what leads to more link clicks. Pin 30 or 40 pins a day, comment on some other account pins (5 a day), and you will be there in a couple of days. Then pin some of your stuff in each account, and see which gets more clicks. Then focus on that account (although with Tailwind, it really isn’t any harder to run more than 1 account).

Alternately, run a Pinterest ad on one of your pins from each account. Spend $1 a day, for a couple of days and you will see which gets more clicks.

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This is very helpful. I will definitely implement your method. :slight_smile:

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Check out Tailwind’s blog. They are an approved 3rd party app for Pinterest. Their blog has pretty good info. But, if you want quick results, paid ads are the best way. Pinterest ads are pretty cheap. I don’t have much experience and testing yet, as I am still trying to make organic work.

I will do pinterest ads very soon. I bought a udemy course on social media ads that I need to check out lol